What’s buzzing as Service Management Software?

Manual Vs Management

Understanding Service management software does not need special operational know-how since it is a system which simply defines how to manage after sales service management, field operations handle claim management software, warranty management software including order taking, management of orders in proper sequence, dispatch details, inventory handling, tracking of delivery vehicles, sales schedule and more.

Even if we try to handle each and every service specifics as per the demand trend, yet there will be some concern areas that are faced by companies who provide sales service and after sales service management as well. In presence of workflow control and thorough management, every single stream of work is well coordinated compared to a situation where all tasks are conducted vide paper and it becomes cumbersome to derive any conclusion or present instant data analytics

Every manufacturing and service based industry these days depends on one of the service management software to provide them with installation, survey, repair & maintenance services and they are using specified after sales service management software to handle the current field work and handle multiple systems . Some organizations uses phone calls, sms services,  emailers, post-its and other paper modes to keep a tap on the after sales service, yet this proves futile as tracing and over dependency on field services often lead to unproductive and missed opportunities.

Optimizing Service Management Software

What business organizations need is efficient cost effective productivity, heightened customer experience by orderly delivery schedule and effective pre and after sales service management software which will increase predictable revenues and execute strategies and plans on all grounds including that of claim management software and warranty management software.

Zed Axis’s claim management software helps in offering optimum   incident reporting solution for insurance carriers and third-party supervisors (TPSs). It allows customers to manage various types of claims, such as employee compensation, profitable auto accountability, general accountability, disaster claims and more. The Key feature include claims intake, reporting claim online, management of claim management software and almost every type of management.

Zed Axis’s claim management software is specially designed to accept and accommodate intake requests through multiple bases, including telephone, emails, faxes and online portals. It assimilates with national PPO networks to help TPSs document claims and comply with industry and business standards.

Weighing the Authenticity of Warranty Management Software

Our warranty management software improves quality and integrity of warranty statistics by authenticating all aspects of claims with far-reaching commercial rules and integrating statistics feeds from mobile and diagnostic devices directly into the claim forms.

The warranty management software manages authorizes returns, generation of Returnable and non-returnable tracking returns. The warranty management software solution enables manufacturers, industrialists, vendors, suppliers to co-operate on reduced warranty expenses by supervising supplier warranties for each and every components and parts.


Our Global chain of warranty management software supports the automatic claim process on every business terms and reduces information feeds by reinstating customer, their goods and complete warranty information just by a click. The warranty management software administers a number of claims that are otherwise extended. It boosts business performances and accelerates all your service contract costings. You get access to analytics and are in better control as an administrator.

“Using the WMS (Warranty Management software) increases validity claims, ensures faster processing and minimizes manual efforts by integrating all-inclusive service offerings.”

After Sales Service management Software includes the most important component called professional administration, the user of the software bifurcates the service into two formats product and post sales service .In the professional paradigm, what is fixed at customer’s end starts to open up from warranty. The senior manager accords (PMS) Preventive Maintenance Services to clients, verifies some limits to pledge the flawless application of product. While the customer is covered under warranty period, he is tracked through the warranty management software,

In olden days, only sales and not After Sales Service was taken as the core functional area for any entrepreneur. But now, After–sales-Service management Software is important for all field managers as well as an organization, it gives   a superb platform for all organization to offer crème-la-crème customer service and care to excel customer satisfaction.

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