Zed-Asset™, our Asset Management Software is used to track, manage, monitor and maintain your organisation’s inventory/stock, unit’s operational equipment’s, FFNE and also assist in repairing history and set it right.

Every individual dissemination of the organisation’s asset is pursued through our asset management software in India. It helps in preserving the stream of your business’s assets and dispersal accordingly. In case the Asset gets damaged or injured, details of such events are also even when the asset gets damaged or repaired, it is recorded in Asset Management Software.

Maintains and tracks all your organization’s asset and updates maintenance schedules, updates stock management and covers stock management as well.

Industries Served by Zed-Asset™

  • Mobile Telecommunications
  • Home Appliances
  • Equipment Maintenance Software
  • Wellness Products
  • Kitchen Ware, Sanitary Ware and faucets
  • Computer Hardware and Networking
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Auto Ancillaries
  • Engineering Automobile
  • Medical Equipment & Consumables

Use Our Asset Tracking Software for Tracking Assets History

Zed-Asset™, our Asset Management Software is the easiest way of tracking and keeping an update of our client company’s assets, devices or equipments. Also, it tracks the full repair history of the asset if any.

Collect Record of Damaged Assets with our assets management software

Each distribution of the company’s asset is tracked through our asset management software in India. It helps in maintaining the flow of the organizations assets and distribution accordingly. Even when the asset gets damaged or repaired, it is recorded.

Keep the Record of Assets with Our Asset Tracking Software

Assets or equipment used in the operations of day to day work of a company are the backbone of many organisations. So to take care of them is the priority of any company because without that proper workflow cannot Exist.

Automated Asset Management and Tracking Software

Our automated asset management and tracking software keeps the record that which asset is being installed, replaced and repaired where along with its lifetime period and warranty period. This makes easy for companies to trace details.

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