Zed-SCHEME™ – An Advanced Scheme Management Software

We offer a specific mechanism to announce Schemes and promotion activities as well make instant comparison Vs the performance. We offer feasibility vide Scheme management software in regards to claim management offering greater advantage for our clients. Each Scheme is precisely defined with flexible options for all such as Company Sales Executives, Sales Officer, Distributors or Retail Outlets; irrespective of whether the scheme is Tertiary, Secondary or primary; each benefit is articulately flexible. Our able team is all equipped to provide customized scheme adhering clients requirement. We have been extending over 30+ unique scheme combinations helping clients reach their optimum yield and set their business on the progressive track.

WHY ZED-SCHEME Management Software?
Flexible Scheme Definition

This flexi System accorded by business intelligence and analytics software competently allows end- users to strategize, brainstorm and generate dynamic and inventive schemes using scheme management software that includes loyalty programs for suppliers with specifies rules. Zed offers over 30+ pre-set rules and are capable of customizing rules as per client requirements in Channel Sales management, Field force Automation or simply Sales tracking.

Increased Dealer Satisfaction

The organised and process driven ERP integration accelerates the launching of schemes and provides management transparency. It is known for glitch-free processing of credit notes, enhances client confidence, boosts sales and increases sales profitability using Scheme management software.

Higher Productivity

As the scheme assessment switches onto auto mode, it drastically reduces man power requirement and accelerates the process speed. Scheme reclamation is always a dark hole and brings loads of challenges and lead loss hence these process works wonder on these aspects and increases productivity, lead, brand presence and confidence in the dealer.

Better Accountability

Scheme offers a clear, transparent advantage since all credit transactions , records and dealings are recorded and presented giving high level accountability..

Report Generation

Generating sales, reports on events /promotions, expenses and costings are now a simple option using report generation.

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