What is the Loyalty Program?

A customer loyalty program is a software that consists of several features and functions that helps you in retaining existing customers and developing a customer base. It assists in customer management where you can determine who is spending much time and for what products. It is useful in several commercial sectors like travelling, retailing, hospitality, entertainment, and several other fields.

The customer loyalty program is developed and established in businesses to give importance to all shoppers in the store. It also aids in developing profitable long term associations with them. However, if you concentrate on just making money or do not have any interest in understanding the customers or meeting the requirements, there are chances for you to fail.

Details about the pain area of the client

In recent research, it has been found that the primary reason for customers to join the loyalty program is to save money. One of the popular kinds of loyalty forms is the rewards that are presented as per the financial requirements of the customers. In the early years, copper tokens were used for redeeming for future purchases.

Now, in recent years, several brands can see success by providing points, discounts, or store credit redeemable for cost savings. It is an excellent way for positive reinforcement and to offer instant gratification.

Why do customers leave the business?

The majority of customers leave when they believe that you do not care about them. They also leave when they are not satisfied with your service/product, get the same product from a competitor, friends offer the same service, move away, or dies.

The loyalty program begins with determining what customers require and deliver the requirements accordingly. It is recommended to ask customers what they want to provide the best services.

Do not think that one common loyalty program would suit all customers. As every audience and retailer is unique, each loyalty program should remain unique. Are you wondering how to make the program unique? It starts and finishes with hearing from your customers. Most members prefer that exclusivity. It means customers expect something that is not present to everyone. It is an important aspect of developing an exclusive loyalty program. So, it is possible to develop those unique qualities only by attending to the customers.

When does the loyalty program go wrong?

Loyalty program managers say that due to increased competition there are chances of very low engagement. There is a lack of understanding regarding how to approach members and demand for mobile access. Some of the top problems faced by consumers are as follows:

  • Rewards get expired before they use them
  • They do not know about their rewards
  • Carrying the card every time to load or check the rewards
  • Hard to see the rewards information

It is important to keep customers informed about the reward expiration dates and status. When they do not have clear knowledge about the rewards earned, there are chances of low engagement. They should be able to view what they have earned in just a glance. In most cases, the customers do not know that their deals are expired or what they have earned. All of these happen due to narrow communication. Carrying a physical card would not work as it is no more convenient. If the loyalty program is difficult to use, no person would prefer using it.

The companies can send reward details in form of application, text message, or email or digital wallets. It is where the Zed Axis Loyalty Program software in India assists you.

Introduction about Zed Axis Loyalty Program Software

In recent years, loyalty programs have become a trend for several reasons. As there are several benefits of customer loyalty programs, numerous companies have started to implement it. It is also a part of the purchaser experience. Incentive programs play an important part in developing business and building brand loyalty.

Zed Axis Loyalty Program Software helps in increasing overall customer retention and return of investment. The application also aids in making the visitors remain on the website for long hours and turn them into a customer. It tracks the potential customers looking for similar products on the website and tempts them to visit the website by offering incentives like a discount or free products for first-time buyers.









What are the features of loyalty program software?

With the channel loyalty program software like Zed Axis Loyalty Program, there is no confusion about how to reward the customers. We have flexible program modules where you can give points for referrals, actions, or the amount spent. If you are wondering whether it is the right fit for your company, you have to try the 30-day trial version.

Stable customer base: It helps business owners to accomplish a trustworthy customer base, permitting them to function without any stress. It also makes sure that after-sales, the customer services are taken care of appropriately.

  • Retailer Users: The retailer details will be registered along with GPS details.
  • Points: The application showcases ledger of points, redeemed points, and earned point details.
  • Gallery and Notifications: The user can perform banner management, upload images, videos, and develop categories. They can send bulk notification messages with a reply remark.
  • Barcode: The barcode feature in Zed Axis Loyalty Program serves by offering complete barcode ledger and other associated details.
  • Gift Gallery: The manager can upload products along with the point details. Also manage dispatch details, order details, and redeemed gift products and associated user details.
  • Engagement Schemes: It helps you in developing new schemes like hoarding, banners, etc. With the audit scheme, you can check uploads and offer points to retailers after auditing successfully.
  • Wide Range of Redemption Reward Catalogues: The application contains around 2500 gift items that can be rewarded as gifts for loyal customers. These rewards are simple to claim and redeem. Zed Axis redemption partner manages the complete backend processing when it comes to gift redemption.

Why choose Zed Axis loyalty program software?

  • Better market exposure: Improve sales by targeting your neighbourhood. Improve visibility, develop your business, and observe a flow in the customer base with the Zed Axis loyalty program.
  • Cloud-based: As the application is cloud-based, it is simple and efficient to use. Through instant registration, you can perform a quick setup and instantly start with the rewards program.
  • Improve your brand: As a business owner, you can boost the brand by partnering with top brands.
  • Flexibility and control: You can completely control and manage the functions of the programs without any hassles.
  • Increased sales: It helps in increasing sales of about 20% or even more.
  • Increase customer retention: Provide rewards thus, making customers visit frequently. Transform periodic customers into regular buyers by providing discounts and offers on their frequently purchased products.
  • Customer management: Establish rewards program, manage staff contributions, track customer purchases, and provide a continuous rewards redemption familiarity to your regular customers.
  • Unlimited access: Attract new customers with tempting offers and deals.

Who can get the Zed Axis loyalty program?

Zed Axis loyalty software is ideal for all businesses. No matter, what industry the business functions or the size of the business, our channel loyalty program software can be utilized for all types of business requirements. Engage and retain customers more effectively and also take business decisions based on analytical insights.

Some of the top industries we serve are as follows:

  • Business service
  • Kid’s store
  • Event and show ticket
  • Retail store
  • Hospitality
  • Grocery
  • Pharmacy
  • Education
  • Pet storev
  • Clinic
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Event management
  • Warehousing
  • Jewellery store and much more.
What’s more? If you are looking for a solid end to end loyalty program software in India that supports your CRM platform, you need to consider installing a Zed Sales Loyalty Program. Get in touch with our experts. We will help you step by step and show how it works and benefits your business.


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