Zed-Sales™ functions as real-time sales management software and inventory tracking software, that delivers accurate reporting of channel sales and stocks, and strengthens decision-making in order management, inventory handling, logistics and channel sales management. We will help our clients understand how Zed-Sales™ can empower their company’s sales & inventory functions in a beneficial way.


    Zed-Sales™ is end-to-end automated channel sales management software in India. It provides a secure platform to collect, manage, improve and administer overall sales & inventory data of the company by sales management.

    All the entities involved in the sales and distribution management cycle including top sales management can directly track their sales & inventory related data in our sales and distribution management software.


    Zed-Sales™ has extended its reach to include multiple industry verticals like Mobile Handset Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Computer Hardware, Power industry, Networking & Computer Peripherals to name a few.

    Our sales management software is ideal to strengthen the sales and distribution activities for large retail chains, retail chain vendors, merchandising companies and other different types of organisations.

Real-time Tracking of Sales

History of a Product Sales in One Click

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    The burning need of sales tracking software at primary, intermediary, secondary and tertiary levels has made Zed-Sales™ a success with SMEs & Multinational Companies like Sony, Motorola, Infocus, Exide, etc.

    These companies have unleashed the power of Zed-Sales™ to automate their company’s sales processes and have seen instant growth in their sales work process at different stages. So, our software’s results are clearly visible.


    Zed-Sales™ is being used by more than 1000 distributors to simplify their channel sales management and get adaptive dispatch plans based on sales history.

    Manufacturer, distributors, sub-distributors and all other sales channel partners are using our software to keep their sales process coherent and aligned.We ensure that we keep providing satisfactory solutions to them in future also.


Are you worried about your company’s overall functioning of sales & inventory management because you’re facing so much of complexity in managing various things all together at all stages? Do you know it all can be sought out by an easy and simple way, now we know that you must be thinking that we will talk about outsourcing the different tasks but wait…!!! Listen! Outsourcing to just any company won’t help you as your organisation requires a company, offering automated tracking software solution for sales and inventory management. Gain fast progress in sales & inventory’s effectiveness and efficiency by simplifying sales & inventory processes with an easy-to-use Zed-Sales™.

Our powerful sales management software offers the automated tracking of sales and distribution till the retailer/tertiary sales level, and empowers the manufacturer to track sales return management, target management, price protection management, scheme management, etc. We also offer FREE TRIAL or REQUEST FOR DEMO.



  • Zed Service application is helping us in managing over all service operations efficiently.

    There is good support from Zed axis team all the times.

    Jayachandra Naidu A
    Head-Service Operations (HUPS)
    Amara Raja Batteries Limited, Hyderabad.

  • Zed Axis’s Solution is helping a lot in our service network, earlier when we didn’t have your system, we were struggling in real-time data management, service claims collections, approvals, invoicing, making reports, etc.

    Now just with a click of the mouse, we can generate the real-time reports. Response from Zed-Axis team.

    Pradeep Chugh
    Fly Phones Russia

  • “We’ve been users of Zed-Axis software solution for quite a while and it is really a needful system, it helps our business to track work orders for our technical support lab.

    Service is really good in regards developing new things; tech support fixes issues in a really short time.”

    Abraham Esses
    Mobo – Mexicon

  • Happy to get associated with Zed-Axis. DMS (Distributor management system) is an end-to-end software solution designed specifically for the emerging and developing markets. It supports all our sales channels, all delivery models; it’s a user-friendly application that covers the complete down-stream supply chain, streamlines inventory, sales processes and distributor claims. Accurate and reliable data can be fetched out through DMS. We get a satisfactory support from Zed-Axis and all our issues or concerns are well handled by them.

    Gauransh Chawla
    Lemon Electronics Ltd.


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