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SALES Management Software

Zed-Sales nurtures and grows all your Sales Distribution absolutely error-free, inevitable and constant manner day-on-day.

Smart, robust Distributor Management Software

Zed-Sales is a prime name in sales management software in India and an all-inclusive DMS sales tracking software platform that offers outright real-time data, key metrics, and reports spread across primary, secondary and tertiary sales networks. We as well offer an integrated big-picture of all scattered intricate and convoluted sales driven reports. With a combination of intuitive and responsive sales tracking software such as channel sales management software usage by business organizations which is fast catching the trend, Our Sales management software offers the smartest software instantaneous update of your business once your distribution and retail billing system is merged with our Distributor Management Software.

Our smart and powerful all-in-one sales reporting solution is clubbed with field sales management software and both accords a scholarly boost to your business and offers you an upper-hand in all decision making and building strategies and forecasting, so one can improve yield, Sales & marketing proficiency and form a collected Sales management CMS solutions.

Zed-Sales Advanced Sales Management Software Offers:

  • Sales tracking software at all three levels (primary/secondary/tertiary).
  • Uninterrupted channel sales tracking management.
  • Warrants real-time accurate sales data management using sales tracking software.
  • Efficient quantifying objective vs actual.
  • Hands-on distributor management software.
  • Facilitator for planning/production/actual of key sales data and its insights.
  • Accelerated sales & marketing actions depending on market demand.
  • Accurate field force tracking software.
  • Controlled sales realisation and processing period (Purchase order- product-Cash).
  • Rationalised sales return and scheme disbursement.


Zed-Sales accords array of redundant features including scheme management and analytics software, field sales management software which accelerates and impacts sales tracking software management & distribution facility so it can aggressively manage stock, inventory, automation, transfer of stock, offer management and bridge gap to ease and streamline tracking of sales and distributions along with sales management processes.

Sales Tracking Software at all three levels (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary)

Stay vigilant and watch closely each zone area wise – its distributor, product wise, each level of primary/secondary/tertiary sales in the target segment using distributor management software. The various-tier dissemination networks include national distributors, sub-distributors, regional wholesalers, suppliers, vendors, and retailers.

Sales Return Management

Customer’s anomalies, concerns are the topmost priority and in order to manage the progressive and reverse logistics expenses, we at Zeds-Sales™ support introduced business intelligence and analytics software module using. This is done using SFA app to recompense customer issues re-damaged goods and rationalize sales return data which primarily includes retailer code, distributor management system, using sales tracking software with emphasis on salesman code model/serial number and quantity and this system will put a check automatically on the distributor management as well.

Warehouse Stock Management

Use Smart Warehouse stock management software and get updates in a click. It’s simple and easily manageable. An alert is sent to you whenever stocks are moved from warehouse to distributors and the system automatically generates receipts, stock transfer details, stock issued and the balance inventory details.

Stock Transfer Management

No more hassle with stock transfer management, using our module you will have access to trace stocks between MWH and other networked branches. You will also have access to various reports including delivery proof notes, pick-up alerts, transit reports and more.

Billing/Invoicing Management

Are you facing difficulties in managing your bills and invoices? Zed Billing/Invoicing are made easy using billing management software by Zed-Axis and it affluences your queries by raising automatic invoices to distributors, sub-distributors, (FSo) field sales officer and others who are in the loop for the Sales distribution system. Our distributor management software and other customized module keep you updated as you are able to view reports, generate invoices and even print them for file.

Scheme/Offer Management

Scheme Management software is one of the most comprehensive module designed by our experts to help you make schemes and various offers so your handling is seamless for your chief manufacturers/national distributor. All you need is to feed in the Scheme details in the scheme management software such as validity slabs, prizes, terms and condition and once saved, you can share it with your database or desired recipients.

Target Management

It is imperative to schedule sales tracking strategies with target listed for sales team so one can map individual performance, help them whenever needed and clearly identify the performance using the module dashboard. Our sales management software in India helps you understand each individual’s performance, target vs actuals, achievements and even allows you to amend and edit data as and when required in just few simple steps.

Forecast Management

Forecast helps you to plan business by understanding the market trend and demand , our carefully planned forecast management module offers you the right platform to set forecasted figures based on demand and inventory planning and helps you tune the production planning processes for improved results and greater yields.

Price Protection / Price Drop Management

The Distributor and retailers work on the basis of price protection module, our systematic PPM(Price protected Module) enables them to calculate the Net amount based on dealer’s set price fed in the system. They can easily generate a credit note to the sales manager /officer and make things easier and seamless.

Management dashboard primarily serves as a KPI, (Key performance indicator) which time-to-time gives detailed Sales analysis and generates reports using Business intelligence and analytics software and the most preferred SFA App for field. You can easily generate Weekly /Monthly reports, Target Vs Actual reports, Graphical representation of Big picture data and also infographics in just few macro minutes. All you need to know is to navigate through the dashboard and read, generate and print the reports.


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