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Manage GRN with Retailer Management Mobile app

Automate and manage GRN for items, their quantity, and quality. Review the pending stock against approved order for all businesses alike. Zed Channel’s retailer management software helps retailers with immediate solution and extremely committed to helping close important deals in a very short span of time.

The Retailer management mobile application user can now feed in his existing stock, manage current stock and also keep updated re the par stock data. He will be more prepared and avert crisis situations.

Customers can now make purchases and transactions from any location and order directly from the vendor without Purchase orders.

The retail management application is a turn-key solution which eliminates unwanted retail hurdles and leads way for a lot more.

Generate Reports With Retail Management Software

Zed Channel App uses the Retail management software to initiate a variety of reports, the retail owner can now track the purchase order by issuing one-time use or multi-use shopping order which can be personalized as well.

The retailer management application uses Intelligent methodical report generation techniques which results in super Improved accurate stock and order management. One can check using any of the four easy options, My Sale would show the sale report, My Purchase the purchase details, My order would show what and how much is there in the shopping cart and My current stock will feature stock inventory.

The retailer management mobile app facilitates the retailer to stay ahead of all numbers and map his current and secondary stock reports in real-time

Easy and simple steps to generate reports enable him to keep a strategic hold on all that’s happening in his retail division. He is also well aware of the claims and handles the situation well in advance and retains customer trust using retailer management software.

Create Profile with Retailer Management App

Creating a user profile and edit his information is what retailer management mobile app facilitates us, this enables us to share specific promotion details, upcoming offers and other customer related information with the guest.

The user, on the other hand, can use the retailer management application at his discreet, in case the user wishes – they can register their profile using the information and also save their bank details so they avoid the option of feeding data every time you place an order or make a purchase using seamlessly the retailer management software.

Compare Target Vs Achievements

Zed Channel retailer management mobile app offers the user a one-stop-option with the most versatile mobile-based app use it for effective tracking sales, understand profitability and is ideal with a visible graphical representation of data.

The retailer management software is a safe, scalable application which does not need an expert to handle. It is easy to navigate through since the options, tabs, and accessibility could not be simpler.

What has the user achieved as a target? What is the target v actual achieved and whether the variance is positive or negative, each and every data is supported by instant reports and figures?

This helps in identifying the potential performer and helps distinguish them from the one who needs guidance and shadowing.










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