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Improve efficiency and reduce expenses with top-notch Enterprise Asset Management Software!

Enterprise Asset Management offers a holistic assessment of the business infrastructure and physical assets through their complete lifecycle from commission, procurement maintenance, operation, and replacement. It helps to maximize assets lifetime, improve efficiency and quality, reduce expenses, enhance environmental safety and health of assets.

Zed Assets- Enterprise Asset Management Software

Are you looking for the top enterprise asset management software in India? Zed Assets helps in the management of your assets across facilities, departments, geographical locations, and business units.

Our EAM is implemented to optimize, plan, track, and execute maintenance activities with connected inventory, information, tools, and materials. It is a complex and robust system since it takes care of the entire asset’s lifecycle. It sketches your goals and shows you how to accomplish those objectives by considering finances and account budget, asset information, and spare parts.

Zed Assets EAM has several maintenance functionalities. Some of the main function of EAM includes planning and scheduling maintenance, word order systems, cost control, reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance software, and more.

What are the features of Zed Assets- Enterprise Asset Management Software?

Asset tracking and management:

  • It helps in tracking and allocating assets to locations, departments, or users.
  • The status of the asset can be changed like in stock, use, or customized status when transferring assets.
  • It is possible to automatically generate asset codes for the asset.
  • QR codes and Barcodes can be used to scan details and update asset details from your smartphone.
  • With the application, you can view maintenance tickets, activities and schedules, and entire lifetime expenses.
  • Upload entire asset information using Zed Assets inbuilt spreadsheet application.
  • Discarding assets is also simple with Zed Assets.

Inventory management:

  • Monitor stock levels: Recognize reorder levels and re-stock every item. Receive notifications and alerts when the quantity gets below the level. With just a single view, get a complete idea about the available stocks at the entire location.
  • Improve your purchasing process: Zed Assets consists of features like inventory transactions, creating purchasing orders, and inventory requisitions that help you in performing various functions. The inventory records can be updated by following simple methods.
  • Reports and records: Obtain reports about all movements, purchases, and inventory consumption. With our software, you can link inventory consumption such as maintenance and ticket activities to register entire information. You can also record details such as the quantity and rate of each transaction and maintain inventory expenses.

Maintenance Management:

  • Create maintenance schedules as per your requirements: With Zed Asset- enterprise asset management software, you can create monthly, weekly and daily schedules according to the ideal routine maintenance.
  • Assign responsibility and make sure maintenance is performed well: It is possible to filter activities according to status, locations, and assignees. View and filter list of entire activities accomplished by an asset or assignee.
  • Track maintenance expenses: Determine the maintenance cost with the associated inventory and activity. List the sign-off sheets to make sure work is accomplished.
  • Create schedules, tasks and observe your assets in a single place: This feature lets you instantly delete or add equipment, change scheduled activities, view the programmed activities for particular equipment, and prevent equipment and activity duplications.
  • Take complete care of your equipment: With proper preventive maintenance steps, you can avoid expensive repairs, unanticipated breakdowns, and cut unproductive employee idle hours.

Ticket management:

  • One-stop software for your needs: Record complaints, requests, or breakdowns from any place and inform the associated support team for fast responses. Moreover, automatically assign tickets according to the kind of issues, locations, priorities, and also asset categories.
  • All the tickets are checked: It helps you to make sure all the tickets are closed with necessary escalations and reminders.
  • Fast problem solving: Organize tickets according to the configurable criteria. The complaints are categorized by ticket or problem type to people who are suitable for solving them. Consequently assign tickets to groups as per ticket locations, types, and assets. Capture videos, images, descriptions, or files with tickets.
  • Notifications and alerts: The application shares breakdown alert utilizing SMS, email, and mobile push notifications. It only the assignee or entire users in the group when the ticket gets updated. Escalations and reminders are based upon priorities and ticket types according to the SLA of the organization.

Audits And Physical Verification:

  • Develop reports to examine results: The reports generated in the application showcases the variances in categories such as unrecorded retirements, unrecorded additions and matched assets.
  • Automation of audits: The users will be notified about the auditing process. Bulk upload plans to produce recurring and repetitive audits.
  • Define clear timelines and responsibilities: Assisted audits can be developed according to the departments, categories, or locations. Develop and assign audits according to the location or category of the asset without overlap.

What are the benefits of Enterprise Asset Management Software?

  • Improved collaboration: Most implementation professionals experience struggle over parts and equipment, leaving workplaces without the necessary resources they require to work at the best level. Zed Assets – Enterprise Asset Management Software solves this issue with the feature – tool and asset tracking. Thus, managers can easily determine the equipment and tools that are necessary and who owns them. This feature makes it simple for employees to reduce no-work hours due to unavailability or equipment downtime.
  • Increased operational efficiency: By implementing a uniform, solid system for managing and tracking your assets, it offers the insights you require to accomplish specialization for both operations and assets and determine asset management finest practices. If you are managing numerous vehicles, then you can utilize the EAM application to run reports and determine which types, models, and makes of vehicles need extra maintenance than others. Thus, you can obtain invaluable information and utilize the data to make major financial decisions regarding asset lifetime and replacement procedures.
  • Reduced expenses and improved asset reliability: Regular preventative maintenance measures are five-times cost-saving than reactive maintenance. EAM application permits you to develop standardized maintenance schedules that you can implement all over the organization. It extends the life of your valuable assets and enhances everyday asset reliability.
  • Quick return on investment: One of the main benefits of EAM is expanded ROI from the equipment and machines. It lets you be focused to achieve better customer satisfaction. It helps in improving asset utilization by maintaining critical equipment and asset in a better operating state.
  • Effective decision making: If you want to make your business a top-notch one, you should implement effective business policies on all levels. EAM serves you in various ways when the application is used appropriately. It offers company asset insights and also assists in important operational decisions. It plays an important part in accomplishing company goals.
  • Reduced asset theft: How to determine a ghost asset? How to control asset theft or loss? Well, Enterprise Asset Management comes with asset tracking feature that lets you track and control your entire assets. Some assets will not be physically present but mentioned in the document. When you have EAM, there are no chances for your item or asset to get lost. You can track the maintenance record and also estimate the disposal value with just a click of the button.

No matter, you are running a small or big business, Zed Assets Enterprise Asset Management is effective for all industries when executed appropriately. Thus, you can track and manage physical assets and also develop your business. If you are still confused about how to set up and which features to choose, get in touch with our team. We will customize software as per your needs.

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