Field Asset Tracking and Service Management
Field Asset Tracking and Service Management

Zed Assets Field Asset Tracking and Service Management software simplifies asset tracking and field service management through scalable, feature-rich, and robust technology!

What is field service asset management software?

Zed Assets offers the best field service asset management software in India. It is the best software for businesses to effectively manage the complete service process. It helps businesses manage and interact with their field workforce who are working in the field.

  • It permits organizations to maintain and monitor all their assets that are leased and or owned.
  • The application manages and stores details including contracts, service history, warranties, user logos, operation or performance, location, and other details throughout the lifecycle of the assets.
  • It improves customer experience and employee productivity by permitting regular contact between field employees and their dispatch center, offering access to customer details, scheduling tools, service histories, and a business-wide knowledge base.


Field service asset management software takes complete care of workflows by handling dispatch issues, reducing paperwork, matching technician’s talents to task requirements, flagging urgent requests, and controlling fuel intake by tracking improved routes etc.

Industry focus:

Service departments and organizations in various vertical markets like POS machines, Copier Machines , Cable, HVAC, government, medical equipment, power and utilities, municipality, oil and gas, inspection and survey and broadband- telecom companies can utilize Zed Assets field service asset management software to take care of the customer service workflow from agreement to invoice.

What are the features of field service asset management software?

Field service asset management software serves as a key to resolving field service issues and thus you can develop your service business. Our application demonstrates your organization’s power, offers accurate information for the complete operations team, and speeds up the communication.

Combining productivity along with client equipment asset tracking, real-time inventory reports, staffing, maintenance scheduling, mobile field service, and contract management are some of the highlights of our application. From service contracts to inspection renewals, forms and invoicing, Zed Assets – Field Service Asset Management Software takes care of your service business efficiently. It is possible to integrate our software with ERP solutions in the backend to offer your back office computer a powerful boost.

Activity tracking: Track and monitor the attributes of the asset like performance, operation history, service history, user, and location details.

Activities automation: The software automates regular business activities like quote and invoice preparation, attendance and time tracking, recurring task management, and client communication. Automation prevents inefficiency when the customer needs change. It keeps managers updated about team productivity.

Contract management: Access, store, and track entire asset contracts.

Audit trail: The application tracks changes of the asset’s lifecycle and lets the users view details like location, time and date of use, and user.

Improved customer satisfaction: The application enhances coordination within team members to assist organizations have improved turnaround time. Moreover, managers can enhance customer service by determining the field employees who can reach the location of the client quickly and the skills and knowledge required to address client issues and queries.

Individualized invoices and reports: Create comprehensive service reports instantly on site. After preparing the reports, it can be uploaded into the integrated ERP or CRM software. The application lets you share invoices to clients from the CRM or ERP system.

Offline and online access: Review important information like parts availability, process checklists, and customer history. The application helps the technician to determine the exact location easily by utilizing GPS tracking and mapping features. Retrieve and get service reports at any time remotely.

Key benefits of Field asset service management software

Zed Assets offers the next generation field service asset management software to businesses of various sizes in various industries.

Some of the key benefits of our field asset service management software include:

  • Create continuous mobile experiences: The application keeps the service technicians informed and connected with continuous offline and online mobile access. Thus, the team can get real-time updates from the field.
  • Transparent scheduling: Assign an employee to the appropriate tasks quickly with drag and drop intuitive tools. With the application, you can also schedule numerous work orders simultaneously and also get to know your field employee’s current job status and location. The application helps in avoiding surprises by improving connectivity and information availability.
  • Mobile and desktop reporting: Obtain comprehensive ideas about your customers, service staff, and connected products – everything by using an exclusive data hub. The users can access graphically enhanced reports and dashboards on desktops, offline resources, and mobile devices.
  • Synchronize field service processes: It optimizes and accelerates service execution by synchronizing front office customer activities with back-office processes and systems.
  • Enable customer with self-service: Permit customers to solve issues themselves, approach remote help, or fix a field service assistance without lengthy waiting times.
  • Maintenance of accurate parts inventory: Our software offers dynamic updates to parts inventory quantities. It supports multi-warehouse and muti-costing management and the ability to re-order and monitor stock as per the parts or tools on hand.
  • Skill management: Reduce travel time by shortlisting the right skilled and available technicians close to the client’s location. You can also send automated notifications regarding necessary parts and tools to employees through their mobile devices.
  • Deliver advanced analytics: Offer proactive operational efficiency and service using smart and advanced analytics like IoT and machine learning.

Features that field service employees access offline

  • Signature capture
  • Tasks
  • Site equipment assets
  • GPS tracking
  • Inspections
  • Punch clock
  • Photo capture
  • Site contacts
  • Parts inventory
  • Warranty coverage
  • Important alerts
  • Work order management

Complete field asset and service management solution by Zed Assets

Zed Assets field asset and service management software helps technicians and field managers to work together. No matter, your field service company has 30 or 3500 service technicians, our field service asset management software reduce the challenging tasks that disrupt workflow and create routine mistakes. Our software accelerates the facility to cash cycle, enhance customer services, reduce duplicate data entry, and improve office communication. The software transforms incoming calls to job orders, reduces time to resolution, mechanizes field service scheduling, and offers mobile field service in a single comprehensive system. If you want to experience a positive impact on field asset and service management, call us and try our Zed Assets field asset and service management software.


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