What Is FMCG Distribution Management Software?

CAREFULLY designed software that is targeted to handle distribution of almost all segment in the most well-organized, operative & precise way.

Understanding FMCG: In simple words, FMCG distribution management software is an urban comprehensive commercial distribution management software. In layman’s term, FMCG means fast-moving consumer goods, which is primarily low priced with bleak margin and huge volume than most common durable consumer goods in the market.

In order to manage distributors, wholesalers, and trader’s inventory, moving stocks, regular invoices, billing, supply management, return and procurement management, maintaining accounting – you need over dozen of resources to handler, command, update and retain resources. In order to minimize resource and offers express service what is required is unparalleled management steeped in the splendor of trading, distribution or accounting simply by sheer manual management is impossible; FMCG distribution software boasts of highly-coveted real-time, simple management using the most sought-after administration system.

Designed to perfectly balance and administer well-defined and well-honed distribution and marketing strategy, FMCG distribution software bridges a lot of delayed tasks into one comprehensive support chain that administers and auto manages each and every aspect of sales-to-marketing-to-distribution chain in the most instantaneous manner  and offer access to a lot of detailed reports based on the product demand, alert shortage, and account supply is not only designed to offer relaxation to traders and distributors but this FMCG distribution billing software helps build client-base, yield business relationships  and positively influence the decision makers. We all know who is chief competitor are, we aim at offering the confidence in traders and distributors a super yield product that they can compete for shelf space and stats.

We at Zed Axis covers accounting, record check, client management, distributors management, reappearance management, procurement, accounting, orders and proposal management, and more.

FMCG Distribution Billing Software and its comprehensive software solutions are mainly aimed at offering express and corporate support for professionals such as C&F, C&A, C& A’s and mega stockiest brand-wise, We at us-wise and channel-wise off you an easy and seamless way to sales and distribution management.

The FMCG Distribution Billing Software application is highly adept of providing account and Finance related transactions and reports such as maintaining Ledger, Day accounts, financial statements, Statement of Accounts and Trial Balance. This FMCG Distribution Billing Software application easily provides bill wise receivable details & summary helpful to manage multiple creditors.

FMCG distribution management software has a number of specialized features, few of the prominent ones are:

  • Alert/reminders and notifications
  • Option to feed in inventories entry-wise
  • Accounting support
  • Report generation
  • Generate Receipts/acknowledgments
  • Send messages to inform bill generation
  • Overdue messages
  • Customize message template
  • Update existing stocks and manage par stock
  • Purchase management
  • Sales management
  • Marketing, Branding, and promotion
If you wish to amplify your demand, you need to offer your client compelling results, opportunities, and remarkable yields. It will definitely reach its potential bit-by-bit.
Every business throws at us challenges, hence we must be prepared to take the challenge and excel the expectation of our clients.

How Distribution Management Software Improve Sales For FMCG Company?

In a world where distribution management software are competing, assuring better yields and transforming the way business models functions, the FMCG distribution management software has emerged as a trade specialized solution, it has not only accelerates or improved sales but has automated one’s business workflow based on the requirement of your business. This software supports almost every business model with seamless software configuration and easy user interface. The cash-flow seemed to have better as compared to the time when FMCG did not exist.
The 3(three) most important features that make FMCG Management software stand out ahead of its competition and improve sales are:
  • Customer-oriented features
  • Customizable billing options
  • Automate Sales process

Customer – Oriented Feature

FMCG accords each and every trader and distributor great features that aid maximum access and flexibility to their businesses and helps them make changes and amendments so they are well ahead of the game and are able to function in the most effective and intelligent manner reaching their goal of total customer satisfaction.
Current and future consumers experience will rise with the sales and distribution management software trend, others will use it to form a deeper relationship with the Field Sales team and track their performance. The emergence of the new world which is supported by CRM software for FMCG distributor will evolve. The paradigm shift, competing for the platform will make way for the new client-customer bonding


FMCG distribution management software brings to you the self –customization option, which has proved to be one of the key factors behind the great success of the FMGC software. Each and every organization aims to function seamlessly and expand its business reach, FMCG sales, and distribution management software offer accurate insights and forecasts the potentiality which helps run the business very easily.
It is imperative to educate the people around about Sales automation through FMCG distribution management software, the sales operation accelerates operations and enables the performance of a person who is handling sales, it not only enables him/her to gain organizational growth but make the productivity and quality of handling their job in a comprehensive and confident manner.
FMCG distribution management software is undoubtedly one of the most preferred management distribution systems.

Automate Sales Processes

The FMGC software system clearly eliminates all orders that are fed in manually and thus emphasizes on a clean desk, paperwork automation real-data with automatic report generation system that helps extract reports and excess performance of the team which ultimately shows a much bolder number against the target set for them. The FMGC software assures focus as a chief sales and distribution management software enabling growth in the organization, saving their time, improving productivity and offering a higher quality of life.
This sales and distribution management software has in one way or the other changed the mindset of people and has in many ways offered growth and cultured process using CRM software for FMCG distributors.
The fact that CRM software for FMCG distributor has in last few years offered endless opportunities and has become one of the top 5 industries in the Indian economy has definitely carved its own mark in the industry, which comprises of small, mid and large scale companies.
Conclusively, it is important to note that these days the consumers are extremely smart and prepared.
Any idea or software launched is experimented and re-experimented to self -sustainable, innovation and the distribution ease. The distributor/trader ‘s reach have larger scope to offer their clients; every new software impacts the business as well as the sales; the better accessibility the distribution software has, the greater would be the lead generation and sales.
Fortune 500 companies provide their clients with a variety of service offerings since they understand the mindset of the people and have through CRM software solution for FMCG optimized many different aspects of the primary and secondary sales processes.
This has enabled creative consumers to capture larger market gain and hence large CRM software for FMCG has played a larger role in and have helped analyze one’s business get ready for the demand created by multi-client handling, effective return management, Item searching provisions, issuing instant bills and more. All these aspects and more have elevated the level of Sales and have advanced the FMCG distribution system many folds forward.