What Is Sales Force Automation App And How to Find The Best SFA App

A Sales Force Automation (SFA) App is one of the most preferred mobile based solution to handle, administer, capture and authenticate data right from the point of lead generation till execution. It helps businesses in sales management. In the business of Field Sales what acts as a catalyst is the Sales Force Automation Software, since this helps maximize the overall organization’s productivity

SFA software Sales Force Automation Apps are more than just High-end, Influential utility-based, informative and all-inclusive software that not only accelerates the growth of your organization but at the same time they nurture the client-team relationship and automate business systems for smooth operation and accelerates sales force automation system.

Sales Force Automation software (SFA) has already transformed multiple industries to the benefit of both consumer and the organization. Yet when it comes to, how sales team management software actually brings in a positive experience for the organization, SFA is just started to run post its infancy stage. Today we can talk, help plan, manage and acquire real-time insights as to what’s happening in the field sales arena and how are some of the marketing activities tracking compared to the previous stats? Nonetheless, even in its early stage of the SFA revolution, it is clear that the way the clients engage with the organization is going to change fundamentally.

Types of Sales Force Automation Application

Please find below the chief categories of Sales force automation software /applications you get to manage your sales operations.

  • Customer Resolving Package
  • Sales Customer Relation Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Retail Management
  • Consumer Service Solutions
  • Taylor Made Sales Force Automation Software For All Requirements
  • Marketing Automation Software

Among the one mentioned above, the most flourishing way to identify demand and the software capacity is to check leads that forecast promising results.

The main idea is when jobs or tasks are exposed to certain beliefs and technological expertise, they don’t just automatically “fall in place”, rather, they receive instructions and advise, pick up signals from both sales force automation system and sales force automation software and bridge difficulties to offer what can be called as one of the leading and best sales force automation software offerings:

Key Features Of SFA Software Applications

  • Smart Attendance
  • Instant Booking & Ordering
  • Live Reporting Generation
  • Expense Managing
  • Order Management
  • Route Project
  • Retailer Managing
  • Call Summary
  • Taylor Made Sales Reports

Benefits Of Sales Force Automation App In A Business

We at Zed Axis, offer a perfect solution which enables the managers to keep the in-sync link with the field sales force. With a number of authenticated and proven mechanisms around, performance of the field sales can be now measured on a real-time basis and their productivity mapped against the targeted KRA’s. The SFA App for Field Sales offers an upper hand ad it provides the field team members to track their own performance using the convenient dashboard anytime, anywhere. There is a number of advantages that the Sale force automation software offers and some of them are listed below for us to understand the SFA app for field sales better.

  • Reduce Communication Bridge

Zed Axis’s Sales Force Automation software (SFA) App offers a bridge for continuous and unified communication flow between the manager and the field team. The field team can generate, upload and share various documents, filed, .pdf content and even videos through the SFA App for field sales. They now don’t have to wait for their manager to be free to take the call. Communication now is simple and accessible both ways using the SFA APP. There are options to send alerts and notifications as well which make work easier.

  • Make Field Team More Efficient

The Sales Force automation software makes the Field Sales team much more organized and effective since they are able to access stored data (historical data) about the lead and based on the data they obtained can be given targets. This SFA APP promotes accelerated performance in much less time and with highly effective data.

  • Spread Awareness About Brand To The Customer

The SFA APP for field sales provides a strong base for them to sell efficiently since using the app online will open for them information instantly. Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers are now just a single touch away, this makes them act in rapid action time and support their call with hundreds of promotional campaigns, attractive packages without making the client wait, simply this eliminates the necessity to carry heavy brochures for Files sales calls and also saves money of printing heavy and colorful brochures, newsletter and more.

  • Tracks Sales Field Performance In Real Time

No matter how big your Sales Force team is – tracking their performance is simple. Manual tracking has always been a cumbersome effort and inaccurate, however, Sales Field force automation software helps immensely by checking and auditing the data fed and cross-checking the progress live in the field. The managers now can access the data instantly and reduce the report generation time by 95%. The manager can even send reminder ALERTS and notifications as and when required.

  • Competition Analysis

Checking real-time stats as to how your competition set is performing is now possible with the survey option.
The survey option enables you to read the data as to how your competition is doing, consumer feedback, comments and also at times capture images. This provides updates and helps gather consumer feedback, gather information, share feedback and create survey forms in a customized manner for your sales team.

  • Other Benefits

Sales force automation software (SFA) App for Field Sales enables them to submit details of their daily travel allowance details and misc. expenses. All these details which were earlier submitted manually for reimbursement purpose can now be updated on the app, making it easier for your finance team and help you to reconcile cash and expense accurately

Another advantage of SFA app is that it helps obtain progress made by field executive, the total time he spends on field /per call and also tracks the location he visits. The process to analyze the productivity of each and every field Sales helps the manager to determine the progress and also support wherever they lack right on their laptop screen or palmtops.

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