What is Service Dispatch Software?

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP FORWARD with Dispatch Management Software?

We at Zed Axis bring to you the most unparalleled, flexible and intuitive software to get your job going where it needs to be and how you want it to be. Understanding the benefits of service dispatch software is very important and so is to know the right usage.

Our specially designed service dispatch software is uniquely integrated with business software, that easily schedules tasks and new jobs the moment they are booked, the dispatchers are well trained and are all adept in resolving issues, major conflicts and even take ownership and make decisions. The field service dispatch software is a boon for a number of organizations since the handy dashboard integrates seamlessly with your business offering organizations huge benefits.

Scheduling is Now a Simple job – Just Click and Drag!

If the organization wants an eagle-view of the entire day’s schedule sitting at the comfort of their office or home, it can be easily done with even hierarchical, color representation interface which helps you identify components at a glance. Benefits of service dispatch software bring in higher yield and makes tough jobs look easier. Should you want to move job timings or schedules, or simply drag/drop – the process is absolutely simple and with an easy user interface.

All you have to do is click; drag the job bar to extend it to the desired time. It’s that approachable and absolutely simple and easy.

Keep Your Dispatcher Within Your Reach

Now with both field service dispatch software and service dispatch software, keeping in touch with your field sales team or dispatchers helps you keep your job information inflow. The client updates, recommendations, profile viewing and sending emails and messages are all possible. It’s just a click and the information lands as desired. You need not conduct briefings or de-brief since all the information and updates are accessed and viewed by all and nothing falls through the crack making your coordination with your team uptight!

Multiple Modes of Communication

Dispatchers are newly relieved with this benefit of service dispatch software offerings. They can now stay in touch with their technicians, managers or reporting line not only by phone calls but emails and SMS as well. Reaching out for a glitch or asking assistance don’t keep them waiting, they can access the official landline or a senior’s mobile (Preset) by a simple touch.

Stay in Sync with Demand and Supply

Have you ever been caught up with client demand, information bundling up, communication barriers and of course a number of other barriers which not only limits your action but directly impacts your productivity as well. No matter how efficient your in-house tech team is or how well the dispatcher/field associate perform, communication barrier and delayed response often takes an ugly turn and we either lose client confidence and trust or we lose the important resource. Service Dispatch software erases all the above situations and ensures back office, support team, and the field associate or dispatcher are all synced and in one line of communication. The team which works together – grow together!

Some of the remarkable field service dispatch software features are listed below :

  • Quick access to basic actions and pages
  • Scroll and drag rather a store- file and punch
  • Respond to Calls on the go
  • Filter jobs are done and yet to be done with a click
  • Generate reports instantly.
  • Ready to learn

With the introduction of field Service dispatch software services, we are way ahead of our competitors and with just a simple point-click action- we move on to the next tasks. No waiting time so no delay, absolutely responsive, intuitive and with a user interface.

This is the next big service dispatch software and it’s management in demand!