What Is Sales Tracking Software?

What is sales tracking software

Sales are very important for any business organization. Besides, satisfying customers by offering after-sales services is also important in obtaining a positive market status and enhancing trust. Customer service helps in increasing referrals, lead generation and keep clients occupied in the long term. Technology plays a great role in the present business scenario. Several companies are investing in exclusive platforms like sales tracking software so as to simplify their revenues and lead generation.

What Is The Role Of Sales Tracking Software?

In the last ten years, sales automation tools have developed exponentially. The organizations are receiving the top sales tracking software that helps in boosting productivity and offering excellent customer service. Sales tracking software is the best tool to track team targets, monitor sales performance and ensure future sales projections.

It is an all-inclusive solution that can manage client management, order processing, inventory management, data sharing, sales trend forecasting, and client management. At present, cloud-driven sales automation software is in heavy demand as it helps the salespersons to access data on a reliable portal at any place and at any time.

The sales tracking software does not stop with just showing the level of lead interaction. It also shows how they influence your business and revenue. By setting up good sales tracking software, you can measure the following metrics.

  • Sale per demography: It shows how many clients approach from a particular job profile, geography or age group. This way, you can identify your ideal buyer and you can aim them through content marketing and paid campaigns.
  • Total sales in a particular time period: Determine the number of sales that happened on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. Provide the management a brief idea of the performance of the business.
  • Sales per source: Determine the number of sales that happened through different lead sources. It helps in determining which lead source is offering the maximum number of businesses. It also helps in concentrating on marketing and sales efforts.
  • Average time to complete a sale: With this metric, you can find out how much time it takes to convert a lead to a customer. In certain businesses like B2C, the sales time will be short than B2B businesses. When you identify this, you can set achievable and optimal goals for the sales team.
  • Sales per sales staff: Determine which staff is conveying the maximum revenue. It can be used as a performance observer and to maintain the confidence of your sales team.
  • Average revenue per client: The metric demonstrates the revenue brought in by each customer. It helps in tuning your target audience. This way, you will know too low paying or too high paying leads does not suit your business.
  • Churn rate: Determine the rate and why customers leave your business. Further, you can recover lost customers by correcting the issue and prevent the occurrence of the same mistake.
  • Recurring vs. new customer sales: With this metric, you can get an idea of how much business you obtain from older ones and new customers. It is also possible to determine the exact cost to obtain a new customer and compare the cost to retain the old customer.

Why Are Sales Tracking Important?

Sales tracking is a huge system with little cogs that work together to create the best results. Remember, when even a single cog stops to function, it can affect the entire machine and can also end up in damage. When you are seeing only bad results, it means there is an issue in your process ad it requires improvement. The sales metrics will exactly tell what the issue is. Sales tracking is not only for determining and enhancing the bad parts but also useful for improving the entire sales process and make into a sturdier version of itself.

In simple words, sales tracking plays an important role in the following ways:

  • Learn briefly about sales channels
  • Identify the issue and evade the risk
  • Team performance reviewing results in frequent quality inspections
  • Determine which geographic location, services/products, and salespeople bring in the most revenue
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by talking queries and offering customized services
  • Observe your behavior and interact better with the audience

What Are The Benefits Of Sales Tracking Software?

Though there are some main benefits that every software provides to its customers, the important benefits of sales tracking software are as follows.

By implementing cloud support, sales tracking software, you get the ability to aggregate entire contact details on a single universally accessible page. As you are functioning in the cloud, each and every team member from any department can update and view details on the contact page. Moreover, each communication with contacts is tracked and informed in real-time. It means the information will always remain up to date.

  • Single page management offers full reflectivity into your customers and prospects, including lead scores, interests, social media profiles, communication history, contact information and more.
  • Activity histories help you see contacts page and review the emails opened by them, links they have snapped, videos they have viewed and more.
  • Data accessibility is worldwide when working in the cloud. It empowers employees to work and access customer information anytime and from any place.
  • Advanced telephony features like call scripts, one-click dialing, autodialer, voicemail automation, and call logs enhance the volume of prospects, thereby outspreading your brand’s reach.
  • User-friendly, intuitive interfaces help you to easily navigate task list, classify by due period and mark completed tasks as you move so you never remain behind.
  • Project management tools like drag and drop, let you assign tasks, analyze the completed tasks, trigger task alerts and determine tasks that require attention.
  • Sales management software can compile all the tasks performed by your sales team. It also shows the data in such a way where everyone involved would understand and know what is performed by the team.
  • As it permits easy access to information, it reduces the requirement for lengthy meetings and at the same time allow every member to be involved and remain a member of the big picture.
  • The sales tracking software lets your team focus on selling instead of thinking about repetitious tasks. The software has the capacity to perform tasks like creating follow-up reminders, scheduling calendar events, and updating databases.
  • The software system can automatically take care of functions like logging calls, finding phone numbers, recording sales details and remembering to call busy numbers again.
  • It can reduce inherent redundancy by modifying reusable messages for particular situations. Answering common questions, resorting to a sales pitch and welcoming new clients is simple as sales tracking software performs for you.
  • The software can identify important details in documents, texts, emails, and calls and routinely apply in the right fields.
  • It acts as a personal secretary by tracking and scheduling mass emails, serving as a database for client data and tracking the marketing schedules.
  • Integrated help desk features allow your support team to monitor support ticket histories, reply to customer problems instantly and analyze and enhance your service.
  • Online calendar views permit customers and prospects to fix their appointments, guaranteeing that their meeting time is convenient.
  • Automated email reports offer information into leads converted, leads created and numerous additional criteria you choose when developing custom reports offering the data you require most.
  • Lead conversion reports display how rapidly leads are entering through the funnel and inform you how many deals remain at each phase of the pipeline.

What Are The Advantages Of The Sales Tracking System?

  • Eliminates the work-related pressure especially sales department employees
  • Comprehensive data capturing from several resources
  • Complete visibility of each phase of the sales process
  • Eliminate switching between several computer programs
  • Reducing risks
  • Ability to determine sales losses and successes
  • Saving the company’s money and work time by avoiding the manual paperwork
  • Operative inventory management by offering updated details regarding inventory levels situated in numerous warehouses
  • Offering information that assists managers to make exact sales forecasts
  • Accurate information capturing from several sources
  • Easy integration with various software systems and accounting software
  • Customized reports help effective analysis
  • Tracking customer debts, payments, and bills
  • Ability to see entire customer transactions and interactions
  • Sales accounts management helps in determining accounts offering the most accounts and revenue with a negligible perspective

Must-Have Features in Sales Tracking Tool:

Easy customization: It should let you add own lead stages and fields so that it remains appropriate to your business. Certain tools exist with predefined fields. In such cases, it is difficult to make changes. Moreover, such tools cause a certain error instead of tracking the sales cycle.

Detailed web tracking: Sales tracking tool should capture every contact point that the leads own with your business, either by chat, phone or email. You should get an idea of how much time they have spent, which page they clicked, and the forms they have submitted. The software should also notify users when a single page is visited. It should let you track phone and email conversations the lead has established with you to determine why and how they did not convert or how they convert.

Detailed reports: Reports are very important as it tells how successful your efforts remain. Your tool should show detailed analytics. It should let you create customized reports, which you can develop reports suitable for your business.

Clear sales pipelines: It should be easily visible. It should not let you dig deep to determine what is happening at every stage. Moreover, it should let you manage leads and create lists in similar stages for marketing and sales efforts. If you cannot see this feature in your sales tracking tool, then it is waste to setup this software.

Sales tracking software and system helps streamline and automate sales associated activities. They differ in numerous parameters comprising the cost. Certain sales tracking software remains expensive but highly valuable. Two sales tracking software cannot be the same. Though they may have the same features, the software differs in data processing and collection, analytical tools, reports, and other prospects.

If you want an effective sales tracking software with most benefits, then you need to select the system that suits your business habits. Prior to purchasing the sales tracking software, identify important features that will assist your business to accomplish success.

How To Use Zed Sales Product?

  • Measure successes and losses using data
  • Manage inventory in real-time
  • Track customer transactions
  • Analyze individual campaigns with brief analytics
  • Track customer interactions
  • Manage accounts according to revenue, distinct maximum earning accounts with limited prospects
  • Perform sales tasks within the single date platform
  • View each and every phase of the sales practice

Zed Sales Product is a simple to use and affordable solution that assist in streamlining your sales practice. No matter, you are a business or a solopreneur with back-office personnel and sales team, it works excellent for your business. Moreover, the application can also track deals and perform forecasting. It can assist you in controlling tasks, managing contact list and centralize information associated with upcoming and ongoing projects for faultless execution. It motivates collaboration within the team, making sure the existing prospects and customers are given first importance. Try Zed Sales Product and find out how it helps in transforming your sales process.