What Is Attendance Management Software?

Attendance management software

Attendance management software plays an important purpose in an organization. The employees are evaluated on various parameters like leaves taken, attendance, assignments accomplished and more through the attendance management software. The traditional attendance management method has several disadvantages such as non-environment friendly, high cost, lengthy process, inaccurate data, inaccessibility and more.

Attendance management software has simplified the process of retaining employee attendance. The entire process is completely time consuming and paperless. It is simple to estimate the overhead expenses that are non-labor or direct expenses required to function the business.   One of the best features of the software is it assist in restructuring the process by saving the data in a single central database that can be retrieved by multiple users. The software is exclusively developed to record the employee’s attendance in real-time, generate multiple reports and manage leaves.

How Does Attendance Management System Work?

The latest attendance management system consists of three modest operation steps.

Establishing Company Account As Admin

The company owner or human resource manager register admin account details online. Further, the admin would add posts, set company information and also set GPS positions of the workplaces.

Company Employee Registration- Facial OR Biometric Recognition

The HR manager would register employees through biometric methods like facial or fingerprints recognition. Determine various biometric devices that function with the latest attendance management system. If you are utilizing mobile application, the HR manager would generate employee codes, invite employees to download and sign-in from their mobile application.

View And Download Attendance Reports Of The Employee

The company owner or HR manager will be able to assign various admin roles to the other departments. So, each admin can view reports as per their admin rights. With the help of the latest attendance management software, the managers can get entire important reports by downloading in excel or PDF format. The reports include employee performance reports, timesheets, etc.

Attendance Management System- Features

  • Payroll management
  • Employee self-service management
  • Shift management
  • Expenses management
  • Biometric device
  • Attendance and time tracking
  • Leave management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Timesheets
  • Task management
  • Multi-location
  • Event calendar

Customized Payroll Report

One of the best features of the attendance management system is customized payroll reports. It permits easy and quick payroll reports generation that are modified to business requirements. The information of the employees can be viewed fast, permitting an accurate generation of payroll reports.

Attendance Processing

An advanced monitoring software processes employee’s attendance in real-time. The system gives a clear idea of the employees entering the office at a given time. It is also possible to configure the system to various processes within the organization like event notifications, manual override policy, absence alerts, programmed daily attendance processing and more. The software should have the capacity to generate consolidated attendance reports.

Extensive Shift Management

The attendance management system easily create multiple shifts, rotation policies, attendance exceptions and more for comprehensive attendance management. Employee self-service or ESS portal in the application permits the supervisor or manager to make alterations in the team schedule in real-time without any hassle.

Computerized Timesheet Approval Process

The manual method of timekeeping needs various supervisors to check the attendance and offer sanction for salary processing. It is actually an inefficient process and has chances to several inconsistencies. The attendance monitoring software faultlessly updates the timesheet by systematizing the functions and bringing smoothness and efficiency in operations.

Attendance management software is important for human resource departments and organizations to function seamlessly. The organization can enjoy several benefits ranging from increased revenue to cost reduction. Numerous businesses are not aware of these advanced software tools. In the present digitalized world, an advanced attendance management system is important to function the business successfully.

What Are The Benefits Of The Attendance Management System?

The attendance management system is available both online or cloud-based. It offers managers real-time information about the activities and discipline of employees.

Strong Reporting

The system performs more than managing leaves. It comes with advanced features like tracking employee attendance and leave, work delegation reports, etc.

Numerous Entry Points

The software can also function on the mobile device. It permits GPS tracking and assists employees to check in and check out especially when they are working out of office or offsite.

Leave Time Tracking

The software records the number of leaves taken like annual leave, medical leave, sick leave, parental leave, etc. The application assist managers to obtain sufficient information for assigning tasks easily.

Automatic Overtime Calculation

In the present scenario, it is time-consuming and expensive to calculate employee’s overtime hours. The attendance management system calculates overtime and regular working hours besides the salary package.

Configuration And Usage

The main benefit of the attendance management system is simple to use. The user interface permits the employees to clock in and clock out. It should be configured according to business needs.

Accuracy In Payroll Handling

With automated attendance and time management, HR professionals can view the exact records of the employees. It is beneficial during payroll processing as LOP and paid offs can be marked on the logbook. The system helps in preventing expensive errors that mostly occur when managing information manually.

Hassle-Free Schedule And Shift Management

If the employee is working in more than 1 shift, it is hard to track their in and out time. The attendance management system helps to develop and manage work agendas automatically as well as track employee attendance in various shifts. It allows HR to concentrate on core competencies such as employee management and performance management.

How Attendance Management System Brings Accuracy?

Recording the attendance data manually has a high chance of human error. Each mistake in data affects the organization’s resources and time. The attendance management system solves this issue. The chances of error are very less since every recording task is computerized.  Moreover, automated record keeping offers a clearer picture of the employee’s punctuality and work schedule. It gives a clear idea of how your organization works.

Is The Attendance Management System Secure?

The attendance management system syncs with biometric devices and serves as an excellent security tool. The biometric device is an authentic and safe method to track attendance of the employees with thumb impression, fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, iris recognition, and face scanning. It makes sure the security of information and data accessed. Change from outdated methods of adding passwords and numbers and utilize biometric devices to ensure security and verify identity. Attendance management system providers install biometric attendance machines with the HR application.

Is Attendance Management System Cost-Effective?

The cost of the attendance management system would mostly depend upon features and requirements. Some people may think that it is an expensive or additional investment but when you see the money lost due to thefts, you can easily recover the investment amount quickly. It avoids any kind of fraudulent activity, therefore there are no chances for huge losses. The attendance management system is cost-effective. When installing, you have to consider whether it is needed and can be maintained well. The system acts like a friend playing an important role in the payroll systems.

What You Can Accomplish With Attendance Management Software?

The software assists to manage attendance and organizing work. Begin using the system today to accomplish the following:

  • Location and attendance tracking with geofencing abilities
  • Mark attendance – clock in and clock out utilizing biometric attendance devices or attendance app
  • Automate payroll handling from timesheet information and save money
  • Automate timesheet processing displaying non-payable and payable hours
  • Leave management and shift management with abilities to modify policies as per your organization
  • Generate online employee attendance information that includes performance, absence and late reports
  • Utilize the app to create work reports that support the attendance reports
  • Staff performance reports help in the assessment of work balance

Why Select Zed Axis’s Attendance Management System?

  • Can be customized as per the requirements of your organization
  • ZedAxis team will offer support and assistance to your team and train your organization
  • ZedAxis team will assist you in integrating the attendance management software to biometric and use control systems
  • The application comes as a set of tools and assists your team consolidate work. Some of the tools integrated with the system are work reporting, attendance tracking, communication with managers, and shift and leave management.
  • The application offers options for biometric attendance kits or mobile attendance app, thus suits fieldworkers and office workers.

No matter, you are running a medium, small or large-sized business, implementing an attendance management system helps in saving time, utilize advanced features and reap as your business grows.