What is After-Sales Service Management Software?

After-sales service is important like sales. Though it does not guarantee income for the company, after-sales services increase the reputation of the organization amongst the customers and in the market. It is important to retain customers and also to attract customers who left. The processes followed after the sales of service or product is referred to as after-sales service. Some of the common kinds of after-sales services include repair, guidance, maintenance, etc. The kind of service mostly depends upon the product and the industry.

After-Sales Service Management Software

After-sales service involves many equipment, processes, and people and it is complex. If you want to be a leader in your industry, it is essential to integrate effective after-sales service or field service management software. It is the reason big players easily leverage scalable and flexible field service management services.

In recent years, supplies and equipment providers are making sure to provide high-quality after-sales service. It helps in boosting the lifetime value of the client. When a client purchases a product, they may pay for after-sales services like some premium service or extended warranty. It applies to products that have a long lifecycle. Such products will be important for day to day operations or very expensive where it could not be serviced individually. Refrigeration equipment, wind turbines, medical equipment, and 3D printers are some of the kinds of equipment that require after-sales service.

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How Does After-Sales Service Management Software Work?

A satisfied and happy client recommends more people and more earnings for the organization. A business has to provide matchless after-sales services to customers. In the present scenario, it is simple to provide excellent after-sales service with the help of after-sales service management software. But to provide great services you should do your part apart from depending on the application.

Automated recording of service request: The system lets to capture service requests both manually and automatically with the extra feature of large upload of several requests. According to the kind of lead, you can set the response time to take fast action on requests.

Programmed segregation: Client requests are programmed according to the scheduled criteria in the application. Thus, after-sales service management software saves time and assists in determining the important requests that have to be serviced. Replacement, warranty, complaint, service, demo, installation, etc. are some of the common evidence of requests.

Allocating resources: Once the product is delivered, the installation will be performed at the customer’s destination. Moreover, the product will be registered in the after-sales service management system for further warranty and services. The engineers confirm the customer’s registration through the application. They will also share the necessary product’s care and maintenance. Thus, the application assists in developing a positive tie among brands and customers.

Notifications and call reminders: During the process, the system is programmed in such a way, it automatically calls back to the clients and transfer service requests to the engineers. It reminds entire events as per scheduled timings. This way, all the tasks will be accomplished and none will get unattended or missed.

Tips To Provide Good After-Sales Service

Provide training: One of the important parts of after-sales service is training. It is hard to skip training if your business focusses on selling medical equipment. As you are selling an important product, it is important to offer training before they utilize your product regularly. Training is mandatory when you are selling surgical or medical equipment and industrial machinery. If you have after-sales service management software, you can schedule training sessions for your customers directly through the app.

Installation services: It is necessary to provide installation services when selling a product. Though you send the instruction manual, the instructions and installation services offered personally is important. There are several benefits of after-sales service that your customers may require. Begin your relationship in a positive and transparent note by providing free installation service. This way, customers will recognize your brand easily.

Replacement or return offer: Some businesses provide customers a free return or replacement service for a particular period. When you are offering such schemes, it is necessary to track and manage the replacement or return order. By utilizing after-sales service management software, you can simplify the entire process.

Equipment maintenance: Work orders associated with maintenance, installation, and repairs should be organized in a single place. This way, it becomes simple to calculate average service expenses for particular equipment, entire labor costs, and used materials. Some companies are still utilizing Excel sheets. But some have implemented applications like field service management software or after-sales service management software. These applications help in supporting the work orders of the organization and automates the tasks assigned according to pre-planned rules accustomed to the business priorities of the company. It also assists in optimal routes planning as per the technician’s skills and client’s location.

When both external and internal mobile workers use the same application for managing after-sales service tasks, they can easily get entire data in the same format, thus permitting better exploration of their performance.

After-sales service management software takes complete care of everything from managing your association with customers to juggling everyday business tasks. The application records customer’s notes send reminders regarding customer calls and much more.

What Are The Features Of After-Sales Service Management Software?

  • Graphical reports for forecasts and analysis
  • Details of AMC and warranties with all necessary dates
  • Complaint no or ticket registration
  • Planning of preventive maintenance appointments
  • Excision of preventive maintenance agendas
  • Automated generation of numerous preventive maintenance schedules
  • Mass email facility to notify entire customers at a single click
  • Configuration details at customer’s site along with user, component, and product serial details
  • Products database with serial wise, product wise and component-wise organization of records
  • Supplier or vendor database with city wise, group-wise, contact person detail and area wise arrangements of records
  • Customer data with the complete area, city, group, location and allocation team detail wise arrangement of records
  • Creation of large and quick volumes of mailing tickets
  • Classification by fault, executive, product, etc.
  • Generates complete MIS reports
  • Makes sure timely services for Annual Maintenance Contract renewals
  • Allocates calls by employee or area
  • Monitors service calls
  • Spare parts management
  • Completely integrated transfer and voice processes
  • Completely integrated with the existing ERP software
  • Permits your customers to track service processes
  • Mobile compatible and platform-independent

What Are The Benefits Of After-Sales Service Management Software?

Utilizing sales management software provides a wide range of organizational benefits for business. It helps to accomplish profit and competitive goals. Top after-sales service management software helps in planning and business budgeting and aids in the overall success of a business. Some of the main benefits of integrating after-sales service management software are as follows:

Business mobile app: Customers can reach easily through your mobile app. A mobile app will be developed with your brand name once you sign up for after-sales management software.

EMI management: The client’s installments can be managed easily with this feature. The clients will receive installment reminders in SMS form.

Service reminders: Service reminders are provided by service CRM regularly. The client will receive service alerts in the form of App and SMS notifications.

AMC and new sales management: Business owners or manager can manage their AMC contracts and new sales with accurate customer data including validity, product, payment, etc.

Revenue reports: Determine cash flow with revenue records on service, complaint, sales, etc.

App notifications and SMS alerts: Customized notifications and SMS alerts make communication simple and transparent. It is the best way to approach customers.

Material consumption management: Track items utilized in service or complaint, problem items to the field technician, problem return from field technician, etc.

Capture signature: You can have proof that your customer has obtained service or the task is completed and paid.

Tracking of field engineers: Admins can easily view the location of field engineers exactly on the map with just a single tap.

Work on map: The field engineer can easily view the locations of the job in their mobile app and plan to work accordingly.

Multi-user: It can be used by several users. User access rights can be enabled by admin to allocate work as per their job specialties and responsibilities.

Access anywhere and anytime: After-sales service management software helps you to access the entire job schedule from any place and at any time.

Customized reports: It is possible to develop your reports as per business requirements.

Customer feedback: One of the fastest and simple ways to gather feedback about service or complaint is through the after-sales service management app.

Accurate time management and planning: By exactly measuring and planning after-sales services through the software, you can manage operational events in a profitable manner and at the same time never lose your present customers.

How To Select The Best After-Sales Service Management Software?

If you are a business owner and wish to streamline services to provide better customer satisfaction and service, it is recommended to consider software or app like after-sales service management software. It supports your technical team to offer after-sales services on-time and retain 100% customer satisfaction. When selecting a service management application, you need to consider certain factors.

When offering to technicians, you should see whether the application adapts to your business nature. It is recommended to approach customized service management software companies as they provide applications according to your industry-specific requirements. The app has to be user-friendly and simple. The technicians should find it easy to manage the app without any inconveniences.

Route planning is the main issue where most field engineers experience while servicing customers. By planning the routes cleverly, they can make a big difference. When they are planning to offer after-sales service, they should consider factors such as accessibility of spare parts, travel time, skills necessary, job site, and several other things. You have to see whether the application has features such as real-time monitoring, map, dashboards, apply action choice to a group, work order modification option, and several other options to support the field engineers.

The app should function in remote locations. It should have all features and compatibility to work anywhere and at any time. It should be in the form of a mobile app. This way, it can be utilized in all kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is a mandatory feature you should check while purchasing an after-sales service management software.

Technicians should be able to cancel, plan, postpone, or create work orders. They should also have the feature to access the spare parts inventory. Moreover, real-time client communication feature is mandatory in the app. Most engineers find it hard to manage time. The application should assist in tracking appointments and improve billable hours. It is important to search for an application that keeps the customers engaged in real-time by updating the work status of engineers.

Why You Should Choose Zed Axis For After-Sales Service Management Software?

If you are looking to partner with a technologically advanced company, you need to consider approaching Zed Axis. We know how you want to offer after-sales service to customers. We have created a niche for after-sales service management software in the industry through our high-quality apps and dedicated services.

Some of The Benefits Of Our After-Sales Service Management Software Are As Follows:

  • Accurate and fast services to satisfy customer’s requirements
  • 360 degrees attention headed for customer service
  • Management of parts and inventory
  • Fast invoicing without paperwork
  • Workflow standardization
  • Planning and assigning services on time to customers
  • Making quick job creation, invoicing, completion, reconciliation, and payment and scheduling.
  • Systemized tracking of technicians and inventory engagements on the field

If you are thinking to include specific features in your after-sales service management software, you can discuss your requirements with our team. We will examine your requirement and business services and share the features that are best to incorporate in your application. If you already have and wish to replace, Zed Axis is ready to provide excellent options as per your needs. We have offered advanced software solutions to several companies and industries. Contact us to obtain the latest after-sales service management app now.