Sales Lead Tracking Software Helps You Track Your Leads Better

Sales Lead Tracking Software

How to Choose Sales Tracking Software?

What is important is to answer the question- How to choose the right  Sales tracking software which will increases sales order management and set the Sales tracking system in the correct path. Roughly 65% of the organizations and maybe more have been using the documentation process whenever encountered with leads for your business. This means as soon as the lead lands the process of email, phone calls, text follow-ups starts and eventually funnels down into the Sales tracking zone. What one achieves as the end result is more crucial. Tedious hours of manual labor yet with no guarantee of 100% response mechanism. The person conducting the sales tracking gets a rough idea of what’s happening around but not accurate since some of the details are just justified, they might vary software to software. Hence it becomes very important for you to know how to choose the software to track the Sales lead accurately.

Sales Tracking System is the most preferred system these days –we have points and expert inputs to support the statement.

5 MUST Features in your Sales Tracking Tool:

Express and Comprehensive web tracking: The Sales tracking software must be able to capture every single aspect of client contact that the leads brings, whether it is email, phone calls, text follow-ups or online chat, the Sales order management is a ‘MUST’. The effort to be able to know which pages team visited, how much time was spent on each page and which forms they submitted is mandatory. The Sales tracking software should have the ability to alert users about the particular page visited. In addition, the software should retain feature to track emails sent and phone discussions that the lead brings, to figure out how and why they convert or why they don’t is important. This web tracking feature is a must-have in your Sales tracking tool.

Simple User interface: The Sales tracking software must be easy and simple to use and navigate. Users must be able to access what they want, extract reports, compare figures and track leads without wasting any time to understand how it works.

Made-to-custom: The software should be able to include some of your selected options, lead fields and stages to make more sense suiting one’s business. Some tools come with pre -defined fields and it is very hard to make amendments. Such tools would cause some amount of error if the software to track Sales is not properly tracking your sales cycle.

Articulate milestones: Your sales milestones should be clear and trackable easily and should not ask too many questions to dig too deep to discover what is happening at each stage with the prospective lead. One should also be able to convert leads and built lists of leads in like stages for your sales and marketing efforts. If the tool does not allow you to do this, then it is not the right sales tracking tool for your business.

Enhanced reports: It is reports that are going to express, read and detail how efficacious all your efforts have been. Therefore, you should be able to get quantified analytics from sales lead tracking software. It should allow you to create custom reports as well, so that you can produce reports that are aptly suited to your business.

KNOWING what sales tracking system is:

It is important to understand what are the prime perceptible and non-perceptible advantages that an organization can derive from Sales tracking system.


  • An organization will be able to obtain total insight through the data from the Sales analytics provided.
  • Closely monitor the performance of each individual Sales Team and conduct adhoc audits. Identify key performer and one who needs a push
  • Easily classify key Geographical demographics of potential client and not undergo combing areas to rationalize reports
  • Understand potential risks, lost leads, retain client by various program and stay prepared to avoid such situations
  • Escalate customer satisfaction by attending to their queries instantly and offer customized services to them.

The Sales lead tracking software must be able to perform to its highest efficiency of the Sales funnel, since it will offer you the opportunity to recognize the right target audience.

Secondly, the Sales which means we begin to understand our customers. This process enables you to clearly demark the decision makers, your buyers and the one who influences the decisions and also identify who are important and who are not. Using the CRM software, you set out the base for your cold leads since the software to track sales would shows which business would vary at different stages and where the lead would elevate to.

Business all over the world is leveraging the supremacy behind Sales tracking software system!