How Much Does Service Management Software Cost?

Service management software is primarily designed to cater to the various needs and demand for a number of service providers. Irrespective of where you belong, if you own a big firm or are an owner of a project management organization, Service management software lets you handle the issues on the job in a very professional way.

To decide to incorporate this special software on to one’s system or organization, we must have a clear picture as to how much does a service management software cost? This software was launched almost in the late eighties and became known 2 decades back.

In general, a service management software permits you to achieve all your report generation, job schedules, dispatch details, generating invoices and most importantly customer account management needs, right from a single dashboard.

The big question is the cost of the service management software? It is indeed the most important aspect of the decision-making process.

For a small size organization/firm (which houses less than 6 staff members), the software might cost between $30- $35 per month + $450 -$475 onetime payment +Installation charges.

In case of an organization which has over 95 + associates, one has to pay approx. $250 – $275 per month + onetime payment + installation charges.

It differs for different service management companies; however, what is mentioned above is a mid-margin charge.

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Service Management Software Cost:

Service management software cost offers you two options: a monthly subscription or a one-time payment. In addition, most of the service management software providers may quote an installation fee for the set up of the software for your company.

This table below shows the cost of service management software, based on the size of your company:

Monthly Fee One-Time Fee + Installation
(1-20 associates )
$22 – $70 $450 – $1,000 $405-$675
(21-98 associates)
$75 – $145 $1,499 – $2,990 $699-$1099
(100+ associates)
$145 – $285 $2,999 -$4,999 $1,950 -$4,999

It has also been observed that most of the service management software prices offered by companies often quote their rate depending on models and packages. They even customize the software packages based on the requirement for small, mid-size or large scale companies.

Looking at it from a 30-days payment standpoint, the ground cost is mostly same for all the organization set-up, however, what is notable is that the overall cost of the service management software will be different for companies of different sizes. In regards to the one-time fees, the prices are different for metro-cities as compared to that of tier 2 or tier 3 cities.

Service management software price can be a game changer for your organization, whatever the reason is – introducing this software into the system would definitely improve efficiency, reduce expenses, save time and yield long term benefits.

Since Service management software price might differ from competing vendors, do ensure you conduct a cost comparison of more than 3 companies so you can decide the best deal for your organization.

Two Notable Service Management Software Charges:

Cost of Service management software largely depends on two important factors and one can opt for the category depending on the requirement of your business:

Hiring & Training:

One of the most important categories and most beneficial. Your company hires the right fitment but what happens when the resource faces the practicality – thus training is mandated for all the field support for they are your brand ambassadors in the market.

Upkeep and sustenance:

Do ensure your procurement head does clarify the various options related to maintenance and support facilities. Most of the time service management service cost includes the upkeep and maintenance charges. Fortunately, many service providers do have that included. To ensure you have checked that aspect.