Grow Your Business With After Sales Management Software

What is After Sales Management Software?

After-Sales Management Software is a program that tracks and manages the entire process of after-sales process. In other words, it provides a central place where different users can access all customer information for any product they have purchased.

What does After Sales Management Software Do?

After-Sales Management Software does the following: manage after-sales processes, including service technicians’ scheduling and dispatching; provide information about where defective products are in the repair/replacement cycle; estimate repairs or replacements.

For example, if a customer’s product needs to be repaired or replaced under warranty After Sales Management Software will provide the customer with an estimated date of repair or replacement, as well as information about where their defective product is in the repair/replacement cycle.

This software helps solve many common business problems:

  • Customer relationships management – By using this software, companies can create stronger, lasting relationships with their customers. This is because it keeps every interaction and transaction in one place.
  • Effectively adapt to situations – It makes any necessary changes to the process (such as when a product gets discontinued) much easier to handle.
  • Efficiently update customer records – Now that everything is in one place, it becomes much easier to update the record. This is particularly helpful for updating contact information and other such data where customers can easily move around.
  • Reduce time spent on management – Since everything is synchronized and organized, there is no more need to spend time on keeping track of different spreadsheets and documents.

Role Of After Sales Management Software

After-Sales Management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling all aspects of sale after it has been completed. After-Sales Management Software helps companies to track products, customers, vendors’ information post-sale. Here are the top reasons why your company needs After Sales Management Software:

1) To have a clear understanding of customer satisfaction level: Customer Satisfaction Level is a benchmark for measuring organizational performance. After-Sales Management Software helps you to have a clear understanding of customer satisfaction level and the reasons behind it so that you can plan for better future business.

2) To stay connected with customers even after-sale: After-Sales Management Software will help you to connect with your customers even after the sale so that you can assist them better in future purchases and take feedback on the sale you made.

3) To manage continuity between different departments for a seamless operation: After-Sales Management Software will help your organization to manage continuity between different departments so that you can have a smooth workflow throughout your company. Keeping track of everything from sales to delivery, from payments to complaints is necessary for an organization to run smoothly.    

4) To improve internal communication: After-Sales Management Software will help your company to improve the internal communication between different departments of your organization so that you can deliver better customer service and a seamless experience.

5) To reduce wastage and increase efficiency: After-Sales Management Software will help you to reduce wastage and increase efficiency as you can keep track of your resources like inventory, the cost involved in the sale, and logistics. This will help your company to plan better for future business and make better decisions.

Your organization needs After Sales Management Software because it helps to streamline the operations and provide a flawless customer experience throughout.

10 Benefits of After Sales Management Software

Want to know how your business can benefit from After Sales management Software? Read on for the 10 benefits of After Sales Management software and what you can do to improve your business. 

1) Improved Customer Satisfaction: The first reason you should be implementing after-sales management software is that it helps create more satisfied customers. This might seem like a no-brainer, but think about this: when was the last time you bought something online and there was such a huge delay in getting the product shipped to you that you went somewhere else to buy it? Never, right? If we all had the luxury of deciding where we shop based on shipping times, we’d probably opt for Amazon every time. But as we know, organization and logistics are a vital part of After Sales Management. 

2) Faster Repairs: When your customer sees you as a business they can rely on, it gets them excited about doing future business with you. And when you already have their product in-house and ready to go, or even better yet, working on repairs or updates while they wait, it shows them you care about their time. It also makes your employees happy when they don’t have to waste time locating the product, and instead, they can get straight to work on it. That kind of fast service is key in keeping customers around for longer, so they spend more money with your company over the long term.

3) Decrease In Turnover: You might have the best employees in the world, but their skills will eventually become obsolete. And when you have a high employee turnover rate, it means that time and money are being wasted on training people who end up leaving anyway. Implementing good after-sales management software can help lower your turnover rates since you’ll have everyone on the same page. 

4) Fewer Service Interruptions: When you have a smoother process of handling after-sales management, it means fewer service interruptions for your customers. Since products are being worked on whenever the stores get them in stores, they can get back to work faster with fewer hiccups. This also means that the parts they need are more likely to be in stock, which reduces potential downtime.

5) More Productive Employees: After-sales management software is a great way to keep your employees on track and be as productive as possible. With all their tools organized and available on their computers, it makes life so much easier for employees who need to find information or files quickly. It also reduces the overall time it would take to locate everything if you were working off of a traditional spreadsheet. 

6) Spares Inventory Tracking: If you want to keep your after-sales management costs down, then spare inventory tracking is essential. You don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on parts that sit in storage for years just because no one knows what they’re doing with them. Implementing good software for this kind of thing keeps everyone up to date, and ensures that no inventory goes to waste.

7) Warranty Management: When you have a warranty management system in place, you can help streamline the process of handling products that are still under warranty. This also helps keep track of what’s covered and what isn’t, so when customers come in to return their products, there’s less stress on your employees who will already know how to handle it.

8) Easier Pro-Rating: After-sales management is a vital part of the service industry, and if you want to make good money, implementing good after-sales software can help. You can more easily pro-rate products and services since everything is automated, which makes it simpler for everyone involved. This also helps lower your return rates since you’ll be more likely to keep your customers happy, which means that they’re less likely to return their products.

9) Customer Communication: Customer communication is a huge part of your service business, and with custom software from an outside company, you can manage it more effectively. With good software for after-sales management, you can easily keep track of what your customers are saying and doing on various platforms. This helps you stay on top of their requests or complaints, while also staying up to date with how they feel about your business. 

10) Compliance: There are certain regulations that your business needs to follow, and if you don’t, it could get expensive. Good software for after-sales management can help lower these costs by keeping everything organized and in order. If there are regulations that need to be followed, this kind of software can make sure that they’re always sent out on time, and your customers can maintain their quality of life for as long as possible.

Best After Sales Software In India

Any organization needs to establish a good relationship with its customers. After-sales service plays an important role in establishing such a relationship. One of the best after-sales service software in India is Zed-Service. It not only helps you improve customer service but also provides accurate and real-time information about your business operations and processes, thereby ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.

Why Us?

Zed-Service is a highly scalable and customizable software that integrates with your POS system to provide an all-inclusive customer relationship management solution for tracking, managing, and analyzing important aspects of business like sales, assets, stock inventory, etc., from a single interface. It also has a mobile application compatible with Android and IOS devices, thus ensuring your service personnel is always accessible.

Some of Zed-Service’s features are mentioned below:

  1. Expansive reports that can be used for business analysis and industry benchmarking. 
  1. Multilevel dashboard with detailed real-time information on company performance.
  1. Customizable interface, which allows you to configure modules according to your business needs. 
  1. Complete after-sales service and warranty tracking with intuitive reports and dashboards.
  1. Ease of access and visibility of data across the organization by different departments or branches.
  1. Real-time status update on customers for improved customer service levels and better business performance analytics.
  1. 24X7 live support through chat and phone.

Zed Service A complete solution for service management, inventory & warranty tracking, repair, and customer service operations management that helps to reduce service TAT remarkably. For more information, get in touch with Zed Axis.