What Is The Field Employee Tracking System?

field force employee tracking

In order to facilitate smooth business operations, there exist numerous individual systems in place that act as an ideal guide to finding a satisfactory solution for any issue that may arise in that particular field.

Be it Online or Offline Stock Management, Vehicle tracking by GPS or Monitoring Product Sales, every aspect of a Business needs regular checking-upon to stay abreast of the current status or how it can be made more effective or what the low points to work on are.

It can be said without a doubt that the prime base of any successful business is the workforce running the show. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a system in place to monitor and regulate the workload of every individual staff and at the same time record the amount of time and effort the employee puts in to appraise them accordingly.

So What Exactly Is The Field Employee Tracking System?

A very convenient way for Team Managers or General Managers to keep track of their charges is to have the Field Employee Tracking System in place. A location tracking system, this allows the superiors to have real-time knowledge of how far in the project or assignment the employees have made progress.

Most people might think that this system could double up as a spy tool. But it would be more appropriate to think of this system as a helping medium for the Manager and his employees to stay connected and work on projects or ideas, step by step, even from long distances.

The Field Employee Tracking System is like a customized filter that streamlines employee productivity and allows better decision making to focus on improving the overall Customer Satisfaction experience.

How the Field Employee Tracking Software Works

Whether you are a Business Owner or a General Manager, there is always the crisis of not knowing where your staff is once they leave the office. They could be out on some emergency family situations or working hard on the field or simply loitering around getting distracted during working hours.

There may not be a dedicated way to make sure what the staff is up to. Hence, the Field Employee Tracking Software system.

Handle complete Task Management with the tracking system in place. You can locate your staff on the field, assign them tasks, clear any doubts and offer support on the go, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of having a tailor-made method of communicating with each other.

The Field Employee Tracking Software works two-ways. It connects the Manager to handle all task flow and assign work accordingly to where the particular individual may be. Alternately, it allows the field staff to gain complete knowledge of the tasks they have been assigned and report in after the assignment has been completed or if they require any additional support in any way.

Features of the Tracking Software Utilized by the Managers

  • View the current and live location of your entire Field Staff
  • Keep records of daily attendance and task details to ascertain overtime work hours and relegate appraisals accordingly
  • Save and communicate Customer details and address
  • Assign tasks depending on current Staff locations
  • Receive alerts or pictures from on-field Staff
  • Maintain schedules for effective dispatching
  • View all On-field Staff reports and messages in a single Dashboard
  • Print out Daily or Monthly Activity reports based off all the related reports

Features of the Tracking Software Utilized by the Field Staff

  • Convenient route planning
  • Uploading pictures for proof of task progress or completion
  • Availability of Customer details and information
  • Instant updates of Task assignments or cancellations
  • Scheduled tasks management
  • Proof of application usage and device status
  • Dashboard view of all important task details
  • Automatic upload of reports to use as proof of Daily or Monthly activities

How Does The Field Employee Tracking Software Improve The Efficiency Of The Field Force?

With a diverse set of Field Force operating in diverse locations, it becomes essential to manage all activities without causing inconvenience to any client and simultaneously make use of the potential effort of the employee.

The Field Employee Tracking Software enables on-the-go Field Force management by streamlining the work and the workloads. From deliveries, division of labor or expense management, location tracking to sufficient and timely support, the use of this Software makes a team more productive and eventually results in a greater efficiency of the Field Force.

This application has a wide range of versatility and is known to increase Business performances substantially through effective staff productivity.

Industry-wise Support:

Furnishing Tracking services in a number of industries like Education, Pharmaceuticals, Pest Control, Automobile Sales and Service, Publishing, Travel and many more, task completion or minute-by-minute report of the work at hand can be sent over long distances with incorrigible proof of the completed task.

Attendance Reports:

Just like in a manual system of regularly noting the attendance, managers can note, record and prepare reports based on real-time functions of Log-in and Log-out time and location of On-field Staff. Data can be viewed in the History category to track all activity and accurately curate the working time, overtime hours, basic employee review, salary calculations and appraisal opportunities.

Better Co-ordination and Follow-up:

Working off of the GPS based accuracy, allows ease of managing as well as assigning and collaborating with teammates. Task status and reports can be viewed on the go, location routes and destinations are clearly specified, live updates enable a better understanding of the situations and allow the managers to implement informative decisions to suit the work trajectory of the specified Staff on location.

Expense Allocation:

Substantial cost reduction is evident with the use of a Software for the majority of the tasks instead of a paper trail. Filing reports for every single transit and its expense can become a chore. With accurate records of each and every single travel conveyance and expense, the finance reports can be made with precise analyzation and passed on that much faster for evaluation and eventual payments.

What Are The Advantages Of Field Employee Tracking Software?

It is a precarious position for anyone who has to track the employee movement on-field. But people in the Business Market realise the importance of making headway in Business opportunities by keeping track of not just supplies or stock or items, but also the effort and time put in by dedicated professionals. This in a sense is fair when compared to the number of people who do not take their jobs seriously and flout regulations during work hours.

Nevertheless, Field Employee Tracking Software presents multiple benefits for any Business. From Managing, Allocating, Tracking, Organizing to plain Monitoring and Assessing, the Tracking Software brings convenience and affordability under a single Customizable feature.

Comprehensive Field Force Management

It cannot be stressed enough, the facilities a Tracking Software furnishes when it comes to detailed tracking of all details of an On-field Employee. Their current location, current Customer and task assigned to them, their availability to schedule further tasks, work reports and alerts and notifications, their work status, all in one single app.

Easier Task Assigning

Having access to the live details of an Employees work record will allow the Manager to work on future tasks to assign to the individual. Based on their skills, their location knowledge, the equipment available to them, the fastest route to the destination, keeping in mind all changing variables like the traffic and weather or unexpected situations, all these informative details make it possible for a suitable decision to be made.

Integration with Mobile Timesheets

Instead of leaving a large paper trail, obscure costs can be cut down by Integrating Timesheets, provided by the Managers that the Employees can fill out after every task. This allows for quick and easy calculation of the overall working hours and active duty hours fulfilled by the employee.

Higher Revenues Overtime

Automation of operations has led to the reduction of wastage of time, resources and manpower that could otherwise have been used smoothly to work on productivity. Scheduling services and managing resources and operations has never been easier.

Employing the Field Employee tracking Software enables an organization to find the most comprehensive solution available to boost Customer satisfaction. You can prioritize and tailor the task criteria to suit the right person for the job and get it done on time.

Operations that would otherwise require your physical presence now can be attended to remotely and with absolute accuracy. The unmatched versatility of the Tracking Software creates an ideal choice for consistent performance that reflects the increased staff efficiency and Business productivity.