What is Order Management Software?

Order management software is used by companies to manage their orders from beginning to end. Order management can happen on a multitude of devices, including computers and tablets. They make the order process smoother and more efficient, which leads to fewer errors and happy customers! In addition, order management software helps automate many business tasks such as invoicing.

Why Use Order Management Software?

Having order management software can help your business get organized and do many tasks for you, so you don’t have to. This allows companies to focus on other aspects of their business that require more attention! Some examples are listed below.

  1. Fewer Errors in Filing: Order management software helps companies stay organized neatly and consistently because the user only needs to input information in one platform. This eliminates any confusion in keeping track of sales orders, invoices, pick lists, or anything else involved when processing an order! No more looking through piles of paper or checking multiple spreadsheets for different pieces of information- Everything is all located in one place!
  2. Better Communication with Customers: Customers are given access to their online account with your company, which allows them to know the status of their orders at any time. This is especially helpful for companies with drop shipping or affiliate programs where customers are placing orders on behalf of another person!
  3. Better Communication with Employees: With order management software’s customer access feature, owners can see what orders have been made without having to bug their employees for updates. The sales invoice record within the system is automatically generated once an order has been received, so there won’t be any confusion over who owes money and who doesn’t!
  4. Less Paperwork: Order management software helps keep all information about an order in one place; therefore, less paper will be needed as documentation (ie: receipts and invoices).

Features Of Order Management Software

  1. Sales Order Record: The sales order field allows you to input all types of orders, whether it be a phone or walk-in customer alike. If someone phones or comes into your company and places an order, their information can be quickly accessed (ie: last name and how they would like to pay). Depending on your settings, order management software will create a new sales order record with the information needed to process the customer’s payment and get them what they need as soon as possible!
  2. Pick List Record: The picklist field within order management software allows users to keep track of which items have been ordered by their customers so if a customer calls back for a return/exchange, items can be found easily without going through piles of paperwork to check! This saves time and reduces customer frustration from not being able to find what they need.
  3. Sales Invoice Record: The sales invoice field within order management software allows businesses to create invoices for their customers automatically after orders are made online or offline. Once an order is received by the company, the user simply goes into the software and checks off which items are being ordered. Then, they type in the customer’s information and finally, put in an invoice number. Order management software automatically generates a sales invoice record for this order!
  4. Track Shipment: The shipment field within order management software allows users to track which orders have been shipped out so when a customer calls back to ask where their order is, this information can quickly be accessed. This not only helps the customer but also saves money as there won’t be a need to send out multiple items just because one client didn’t receive theirs!
  5. Track Inventory: The inventory field allows users to track which items have been ordered and received so you can quickly check if there is enough inventory on-hand to fill an order. If not, the system will notify the user of any items that need to be reordered or when it’s time for a restock! This reduces over buying and allows you to stay organized.
  6. Track Discounts: The discounts field within order management software allows users to set up bulk discounts for their customers so they don’t have to purchase products at full price to get a deal brought down from there. For example, if someone brings in 3 shirts but only needs 2, the discount feature will automatically adjust the item according to how many are being purchased. For example, if the discount is set up to 5% and they purchased 3 shirts, it would bring those down by 15%.
  7. Track Orders: The order field within order management software allows users to keep track of all orders made as well as how many items have been ordered and what was purchased! This helps companies stay on top of their inventory and even sell out-of-season products before selling new ones in stock! It also helps customers know which products they saw on social media or on TV that might be sold out at their local retailers so they can purchase them directly from the company’s website without having to go anywhere else!
  8. Track Sales: The sales fields within order management software allow users to keep track of commissions made as well as any sales goals that have been met or surpassed! This allows companies to pat themselves on the back for all their hard work and also gives them an accurate number to share with clients. It’s now simple to keep track of who is selling what, how much they are making from those sales and which customers are spending the most money with your company.

Benefits Of Sales Order Management Software:

As you can see, sales management software not only streamlines your sales process and organizes your inventory but also makes life easier for both customers and your employees so they can focus on the important aspects of running a business. This saves time and money by reducing over buying and understocking products while increasing efficiency to help get shipments out sooner! It even allows users to track which clients are spending the most money with them as well as their sales commissions.

The benefits of using sales order management software within your company include:

  1. Fast Purchasing: Having access to every single order ever made means there is no need for multiple spreadsheets or stacks of paper records (some companies even go through about reams per year). With one click, complete purchase orders can be sent out the client’s way making it quick and easy to get what they want as soon as possible!
  2. Complete Inventory: Keeping track of every single item on your shelves means there is no need for additional spreadsheets or pieces of paper. You can quickly see which items are low, if something needs restocking or if new stock needs to be ordered! This ensures that all your products stay available and gives you a leg up on competitors who don’t know how much their customers want certain products because they’re always running out!
  3. Top Selling Products: Top selling products within order management software allows companies to save time by automatically adding their highest selling items into carts so users don’t have to search through the site to find them. This also gives users an accurate number of how many products are being bought by customers which eliminates any need for guesswork!
  4. Accurate Shipping: Accurate shipping within order management software allows companies to quickly and easily know where their shipments are at all times. For example, if a shipment is headed overseas, the system will tell you if it’s still in route or how long until it reaches its destination so you can plan accordingly (see more about this below).
  5. Track Employees: Tracking employees within order management software allows companies to see exactly who is working on what project as well as their progress as they work! This means there is no longer a need for pieces of paper with checkboxes on each product as the system automatically keeps track of what is being done by whom.
  6. Easy Reporting: With order management software, any employee or client can easily run reports to see every single vital statistic for the company! This lets them see who’s selling what product, how many sales are made on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and whether each product is more popular than the other so they know which products to focus their efforts on.
  7. Real-time Tracking: Real-time tracking within order management software means there is no need for clients to check-in if an issue arises with their order because all their information will be right at your fingertips! If they’re wondering where their shipment is simply tell them when it left the warehouse and when it should arrive whereas before they would have to spend time on the phone tracking it themselves.
  8. Easy Transfers: Easily transferring orders within order management software enables you to take control of your orders and prepare them for shipping with one click! This means that all orders are processed quickly and efficiently so there is no need for errors or miscommunication with clients about their products.
  9. Improve Customer Satisfaction: Improving customer satisfaction with order management software allows companies to keep track of every single customer request as well as a complaint, ensuring the most efficient way possible to make things right. Removing these common issues saves customers not only time but money because they don’t waste either waiting for an email response or driving down to the store to complain when they can do it from their own homes!
  10. Decrease Costs: Decreasing costs within order management software allows any company to save money by finding ways to cut down on unnecessary pieces of paper and files while still maintaining a streamlined system for necessary documents. This means there is no longer a need for multiple spreadsheets or pieces of paper which saves time and money trying to find them when they’re needed!
  11. Reduce Errors: Reducing errors within order management software enables companies to track their orders more closely, ensuring that each shipment goes out smoothly with no mistakes. This reduces the number of returns clients have because they know exactly what they’re getting and how it fits in comparison with other products.
  12. Overall Increased Productivity: With all the above features, you can see how order management software can be advantageous to any business and increase productivity across the board! This leads to happier clients, better sales, and a more profitable business.

How To Choose The Right Order Management Software For Your Business?

Now that you know the benefits of sales management software, it is time to choose what order management software is right for your business. This comes down to how much and how often you need to track and manually assemble orders as well as which features are most important to your individual company’s needs. Some of the important features you should consider while choosing order management software are as follows:

  • Track every shipment
  • Track employees
  • Easy reporting
  • Monthly subscription
  • Do it yourself solution
  • SaaS solution
  • Sales order record
  • Pick list record
  • Sales invoice record


Order management software with all of the above features makes it perfect for any company looking to optimize their performance across the board! It takes the stress off employees by having everything at their fingertips when an issue arises rather than trying to dig up outdated spreadsheets or paper files when they need them most. Well-organized reports within order management software enable companies to keep track of which products are selling so they can focus their marketing efforts on the most popular ones. All of this leads to a more streamlined business that keeps clients happy, reduces errors, and makes everyone’s lives easier!