What is Mobile Sales Force Automation App?

Mobile sales force automation app permits and assists sales professionals to automate sales operations through the application. It is almost like a normal SFA. The only difference in the mobile sales force automation app is the software functions on mobile where the regular SFA functions on desktop.

How mobile sales force automation app work?

A good mobile sales force automation app helps to:

  • Provide businesses a comprehensive view of the entire sales operations
  • Automate the duties of the sales professionals on the go
  • Offer businesses with a clear insight about their channel partners and markets

The mobile sales force automation app is developed on a goal to automate and mobilize most or the entire routine tasks of the sales professionals, customer executives, and field representatives who are always on the move. The app connects field sales professionals while the business back office team ensures there is a real-time, comprehensive and robust data flow between both the entities. It results in a comprehensive field force management that focuses on integrating these factors at the appropriate time.

  • Executing the duties of field staff
  • Planning the duties of field staff
  • Approachability of important business data on the go

Why the mobile sales force automation app?

In the present fast changing scenario, speed is very important. Businesses that have thorough market knowledge can cater to the requirements of the customers at the appropriate time. It is impossible without implementing a mobile SFA app.

Some of the main benefits of mobile sales force automation app are as follows:

  • Attendance on the go: There is no need to enter your fingerprints or punch your cards. When your company has a full-featured mobile SFA app, it will have built-in geo-located centered attendance management system. It marks and let the sales representative work on the go. The app also provides options by making the employees logging in at a particular time. If the employee is on leave on a particular day, the app asks for reasons for leave. It will be configured according to the HR policies. After the reason is entered, the sales manager can reject or approve the leave request directly from the mobile or the laptop. Thus, it offers a detailed attendance data about every team member.
  • Increased productivity: It permits the salespeople to collect all information accurately on their smartphones from any place. They can send the data back to the office systems online. This way, they do not have to enter the information manually or spend time feeding information on computers. Thus, it aids in increasing sales productivity and manpower efficiency.
  • Track workflow consistently: Mobile SFA consists of new advancements and features that help in monitoring the sales team effectively on the go. Now, the sales manager can spend sufficient time with the sales team in various locations through SFAs. They do not have to worry about the location of the workspace since they can easily connect online. It is possible as the sales manager can track the team’s complete workflow within quick time through the app. It aids the business to improve in various ways, like timeliness, customer satisfaction and cost reliance. The mobile sales force automation app assists in monitoring, supervising, tracking and customizing the reactions for quicker and better decision making. The application converts a simple smartphone into an efficient business tool that will aid in managing the complete sales operations.
  • Measure the results better: Through the mobile sales force automation app, it is possible to measure exactly the sales efforts. It is possible to determine what is bringing maximum and what sales efforts goes in vain. It is performed by checking the sales information that is added by every team member from their smartphones directly. The app displays the entire data in the report format.
  • Boosts revenue: With mobile SFA, sales professionals can remain free from performing numerous repetitive chores. This way, they get extra time and pay attention to customer’s queries. Helping sales professionals to attain excellent prospects would, in turn, generate better income for the organization and also for the individual. It increases employee satisfaction and profits. By focusing on real-time information, the representatives can develop better and accurate sales forecasts. It helps in preventing unexpected shocks at the end of a fiscal year or every quarter.
  • Saves time: The mobile SFA app is developed to automate time consuming and important tasks on the go. It is possible to handle various tasks like updating sales opportunities, tracking contacts, attendance tracking or customer visits in a quick time. It assists salespeople in generating reports instantly. Furthermore, the team can instantly access details about the order in the mobile app, notify clients about the delay or arrival of order proactively. If the client asks doubts regarding order status, the sales team will have the data at their fingertips and easily respond to client’s queries. This way, it helps in saving time and improves overall customer experience.

Why mobile sales force automation app is important?

Employees are the biggest assets of the organization. At the same time, technology is like the heartbeat for modern business. Technology helps companies to function cost-effectively and productively. Every leader knows the importance of investing in advanced technology which will solve the problems and also keeps the business ahead of competitors.

At present, there are numerous options to select like Document Management Systems, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. As the majority of the organizations focus on innovation, the issue is they face various challenges at the time of deployment. It is not new to see failed technical projects. They have a great effect on the success of the business. For many companies, fieldwork and face to face interviews are important parts of their daily activities. It is then followed by a large amount of documentation and data entry.  It is where issues arise.

A field agent will not have the provision to access data when it is needed since creating activity reports or establishing an everyday routine is performed only in the office. Due to the challenges, modern software solutions such as mobile sales force automation has been developed.

Apart from improving the sales team’s efficiency, the mobile SFA assisted the field professionals to do most of their tasks on the go. The demand and need for mobile SFA are increasing every day. It is possible to see its benefits on the enterprise level. It is the right time for small and midsize businesses to take benefit of it.

How mobile sales force automation apps improve your sales?

The mobile sales force automation app comes with a lot of helpful features for automating various aspects of sales processes. In simple words, a mobile SFA app is a bonus for sales representatives since it reduces the burden of performing numerous sales based monotonous tasks. It minimizes repetitive and manual tasks and helps sales professionals to work more productively.

Certain handy features seen in Zed Mobility – mobile sales force automation app are deals management, insights management, customer management, lead management, and productivity acceleration. Along with automating daily sales activities, the features help the sales professionals to offer an alluring sales experience.

Zed Mobility plays an important part in forward-thinking businesses. Let us discuss how it facilitates higher productivity and boosts sales;

  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Tracks workflow on the go
  • Generate reports instantly
  • Intelligent sales forecast
  • Helps in better data analysis
  • Keeps your appointments in track
  • Saves time

It is how the mobile sales force automation app offers several benefits to your sales professionals. If you want to create loyalty with your existing customers or gain new customers, you need to think about investing in a solid mobile sales force automation app.

Things to consider when implementing mobile sales force automation app

  • It is necessary to check whether it is completely a mobile application or a web page on the browser. It should offer a complete sales force solution for the field reps wherever they go. It should be completely functional and powerful on the mobile device.
  • The mobile app should support both Android and iOS and should continuously support new updates for both.
  • Check whether the mobile sales force app is native. If it is native, it will be easy for users to work faster and utilize the app completely.
  • It should work even when the users are offline.
  • It should permit synchronization consequently in the background. The software should handle client and backend conflicts without many business interruptions, provoking for user intervention when necessary.
  • It should be designed in such a way, where the reps should not be forced for an app upgrade. It is important because the neglecting app upgrade has chances to affect the entire sales operations.

Zed Mobility is available for all kinds of businesses as a standalone app with cloud-based service. It also comes with CRM (client relationship management) suite. It is possible to customize mobile SFA according to the requirements and size of your sales team.