What is Field Asset Tracking Software?

Improve profitability, prevent downtime, and develop a competitive advantage with Zed Axis’s Field Asset Tracking System.

What is a field asset?

Field assets and inventory do not remain in a fixed location. The location and users of the field asset change regularly. The users transfer from the customer location to the warehouse to the job site and back to the customer location. They may be placed in the service van or customers or employees can own and return the assets regularly. Some of the best examples of field assets include video equipment, electronics, equipment, construction tools, supplies, and parts on the service van. Be it, you are using a small or large kind of field asset or inventory, it is not simple to track as they do not remain in the same location most times and there are chances for it to be bought and sold.

What is a field asset tracking system?

A field asset tracking system is a versatile and highly customizable software for equipment and asset management in any scenario. As the cost of equipment and assets are high, regular maintenance and tracking are important for the successful accomplishment of the task. With the best field asset tracking system, the maintenance and inspection team can enjoy the following benefits:

Track asset location: It is possible to track the live location of field assets as well as its status, who is using, and the chain of users from anywhere.

Track asset loss: The field assets can be tracked on an hourly basis and instantly determine and begin the recovery of stolen or missing field assets, anyplace there are.

Reduce theft: By utilizing the live tracking feature, you can instant alerts to reduce recovery time and evaluate risk faster for stolen or misappropriated assets.

Beware of theft: With the help of a field asset tracking system, you can keep an eye on misplaced or missing assets, determine patterns or theft that indicate delinquency or misappropriation.

Enhance usage: The asset tracking system stores verifiable data where you can use to speed up recovery, enhance asset ROI, and determine a resolution.

Asset utilization: It lets you understand everything you have to know regarding field asset movement, location, aging, and billable use.

Though the organization leases or owns the asset, the field asset tracking software records complete information about the asset. It stores important and confidential information such as location, performance, user logos, warranties, service history, contracts, and other information throughout the asset’s life cycle. It enhances employee productivity and customer involvement by maintaining a good association between the field engineers and the notice center providing access to service histories, planning tools, customer details, and other important business information.

What are the challenges faced without the field asset tracking software?

As field assets are mostly located out of the office or far from the office, it is challenging to effectively track the asset’s location in real-time. By utilizing a desktop inventory management application or Excel spreadsheet, you cannot gather complete information about the product. If in case, you are still using these tools, you have to ensure to enter the exact information about the product into the software. It is impossible most times, especially for field employees. They have to arrive at the office every time to enter the asset information. With field asset tracking software, they can enter the asset information from any place and at any time.

Barcode scanning feature in the field asset tracking software remains efficient for the employees. It permits them to enter data in an error-free manner and thus eliminates manual entries. Some of the other issues faced without field asset tracking software are paperwork, dispatch problems, responding to urgent requests, matching engineer’s talents to task needs, etc.

  • When you have the best field tracking software, you can
  • Benefit from the exact audit trail
  • Streamline claims and save insurance expenses
  • Reduce asset theft and tampering
  • Check whether the assets are efficiently and completely utilized
  • Save on expensive manual inventory efforts
  • Increase customer satisfaction and efficiency
  • Be sure that the valuable assets are safe and secure

What is Zed Axis field asset tracking software?

Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system is a comprehensive field asset management software for businesses to accomplish operational excellence. The application runs the business processes in automatic mode with control and visibility.

Analytics assists in making better decisions: With the built-in dashboards, you can gather information and make important decisions.

Enhance invoice management and payments: Develop, manage, and edit invoices and also collect payments as you go.

Maintain good customer experiences: Let the customers be the king from booking service requests, feedback, and online sign-in to payments.

Effective service, asset, and inventory contract management: You can completely control your SLA, contract, asset, and stocks and accomplish real-time visibility.

Obtain real-time information to make engagements that bring change: Live or real-time stats and data helps in making quick decisions and also enhances your revenue, customer experience, and overall profitability.

Boost your field service engineers: Decide and execute dispatch, service delivery, and scheduling perfectly without any hassle.

Features of Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system

It is important to take care of your field workforce through effective scheduling and planning. Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system is a simple to use field asset tracking application that helps you to measure, track, and plan the field service operations as well as the field assets. It has been uniquely developed to enhance process efficiency and monitor assets easily. By using the app, you can notice amazing revenue growth in your business.

When customers, employees, and contractors are aware that the assets are visible over a robust monitoring system, you can easily reduce incidents of theft and tampering. Moreover, you would be alerted to modifications in the location or condition of the assets, helping you to take action quickly to reduce damage or loss. Thus, you can reduce overhead costs by limiting theft and tampering.

Asset monitoring information is instantly analyzed. It is possible to see whether particular kinds of equipment or particular locations are not offering the anticipated return on investment. Thus, asset monitoring reports and data assist you to fix and determine issues in the field operations and asset planning.

Some of the exceptional features of the Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system that helps you in driving growth are as follows:

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Inventory management
  • Claims and reimbursement
  • Payments and invoices
  • Timesheet and time tracking
  • Quote management
  • Customer management
  • Post and pre-inspection reports
  • Route tracking and planning
  • Work order management
  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Warranty and contract management
  • Skill management

Some of the features that field service engineers can access offline are as follows:

  • Work order management
  • Important alerts
  • Warranty coverage
  • Parts inventory
  • Site contacts
  • Photo capture
  • Punch clock
  • Inspections
  • GPS tracking
  • Site equipment assets
  • Tasks
  • Signature capture

Why choose Zed Axis field asset tracking system?

With a Zed Axis field asset tracking system, you can manage and track entire part numbers, job instructions, and serial numbers of the assets in a single platform. By owning a database with entire asset information, you can easily order parts for the asset from the customer location.

When entire asset information is managed in a single place, your client can interact with you confidently while handling their assets.

If you have placed numerous assets on the customer location, you can easily track the complete asset history like defect management, testing, and service visits by just glancing at the Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system.

When a technician is in the field, he/she can easily view asset test details from their tablet, laptop, or mobile app with the user interface.

Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system helps in maintaining better consistency both out in the field and the office. It means the office employees or manager will get immediate visibility regarding accomplished work by the field manager and send the data to customers in a quick time.

The information remains accurate. Moreover, you can set and refine questions for field technicians. The entire technicians will perform the tasks in the same way, thus creating consistency for the business and customers.

As a manager, you would know about the assets that you are responsible for and the way each of the assets has been maintained and serviced.

You can notice the improvement in the quality of work and thus, the asset test reports will look more professional and more efficient.

It is possible to integrate Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system with the latest quoting software and accounting software like QuickBooks, etc. to accomplish fast invoicing results.

The best part of Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system is it is configured as per your current workflows and business requirements. It means our experienced team first thoroughly understands how your business functions, offers services to clients, and works as a team before implementing successful software.

Who can get this product?

It is useful for service organizations and departments in vertical industries like telecom and broadband, survey and inspection, oil and gas, municipality, power and utilities, medical equipment, government, HVAC, cable, copier machines, and POS machine companies. Zed Axis Field Asset Tracking System is beneficial for the owner and executives, the field team and dispatch and operations team as well as the customers. If you wish to gain more information about Zed Axis’s field asset tracking system, call us now.