What is Distributor Management Software?

Distributor software is a business management tool that allows a company to manage its distributors and partners. Distributor management software can help a company track all aspects of a distributor’s day-to-day performance, using automated reporting that includes statistics on sales orders, inventory issues, supplier orders, etc. The ideal solution for this type of complex shipping will have the capacity to connect with carriers, track shipments, handle returns and provide communication tools.

Distributor management software is used by companies who need to manage their distributors. It is mostly used by

  • Car Manufacturer 
  • Consumer Packaged Goods company 
  • Construction Materials Company 
  • Technology Manufacturing Company

Examples of How A Distributor Management Software Can Be Utilized

Auto Manufacturer Billing: With distributor management software, auto manufacturers can easily track the performance of their distributors. Distributor management software allows an auto manufacturer to keep data on each of its distributors, including contact information, sales volume, and more. The system can also alert the dealer to business trends that may influence its buying pattern for future purchases. This gives the dealer a more accurate picture of an auto manufacturer’s needs and better prepares it to meet the needs of its customers.

Consumer Packaged Goods Company Inventory Management: A consumer packaged goods company uses distributor management software to manage its distributors’ inventories. Distributor management software often integrates with third-party inventory systems, so once orders are placed, the system can easily generate a list of all products that must be shipped. If inventory levels are low or a distributor is expected to have a high volume of sales, the system can automatically update inventory levels and reorder points, allowing distributors to stay fully stocked.

Challenges Faced By Manufacturers Before The Execution of Distributor Management System

The majority of manufacturers are challenged by the following tasks before they could put their hands on Distributor Management Software.

  1. They did not have any record of their distributors or manufacturers
  2. No direct data of dealers involvement in business like product availability, available stock, reorder, etc 
  3. Distributors were not able to track the financial status and market share of each customer
  4. Distributor had no information about the company’s new products
  5. Distributor information was not available in real-time
  6. There was no uniform system to communicate with distributors. So it results in a huge communication gap between manufacturers and distributors

Role Of Distributor Management Software

  • Stock Management: DMS can help companies manage their distributors’ stock levels in real-time. It provides distributors with the tools to quickly identify when they need to reorder products, the quantities needed to keep their inventory levels in balance, and more.
  • Data Management: DMS allows manufacturers to easily integrate with third-party inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales force automation (SFA) systems. These integrations allow manufacturers to track sales activity and customer information, which can then be communicated to distributors in real-time. 
  • Sales Team Integration:  Online sales portals allow manufacturers to easily integrate with many distributors’ existing websites. This allows customers to search for the products they need and place orders directly through the distributor’s website. 
  • Channel Management: Distributor management software allows manufacturers to manage their entire distribution network from a single platform. This includes distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and more. 
  • Stock Management: Distributor management software can help companies manage their distributors’ stock levels in real-time. It provides distributors with the tools to quickly identify when they need to reorder products, the quantities needed to keep their inventory levels in balance, and more. 

Improve Association with Distributors:  Distributor management software helps manufacturers build stronger relationships with their distributors. Manufacturers can share real-time data and give their distributors tools to better understand the company’s business and performance.

What is DMS in Supply Chain?

DMS in the supply chain helps a distributor to manage their inventory, order, and shipment processes. Distributors use modern tools to automate billing for the companies they represent. The same digital technology used by many businesses today is being applied to distributors. They can track down important metrics such as real-time sales data, labor costs per customer, and pricing. 

Some of the top benefits of DMS are as follows:

  1. Best utilization of resources: DMS makes it possible for manufacturer-distributors to execute their strategies by being able to have better utilization of resources. It provides a better way of getting rid of excess inventory, assists in the reduction of capital spending, and gives complete control over the supply chain.
  1. Better support: It offers real-time support through a single system of operations, sales, and accounting. All three departments can be connected with a single instance without any need for custom developments.
  1. Improved sales: DMS is capable of providing a real-time picture into distributors’ business thus enabling management to know what products are selling how. This leads to more informed decisions about planning marketing and promotions.
  1. Effective reporting: DMS software provides the tools for generating reports of varying complexity to suit different jobs. Sales reporting is made easier with real-time data which is accurate and relevant.
  1. Organized payment collection: DMS usage allows manufacturers and distributors to control the distribution process thus ensuring that payment is made for inventory deliveries promptly. Since all information is managed by one system, it becomes easier to follow up with customers regarding discrepancies or unsatisfactory transactions.
  2. Hassle-free returns management and delivery: DMS empowers manufacturers and distributors to manage returns in a more organized fashion. Furthermore, it lessens the chances of having products delivered to incorrect locations or people because all information is stored in one place.
  3. Better inventory management: Since DMS allows for real-time data, it becomes much easier to know when and where excess inventory is. This process also helps in knowing the best allocation of capital for investments.
  1. Improved supplier management: DMS makes it easier for manufacturers and distributors to monitor their suppliers’ performance by providing relevant information about deliveries, inventory levels, etc. Decision-making is made more accurate with real-time data.
  2. Offline capabilities: DMS can work offline and offers completely customizable data. It is therefore possible for users to navigate away from the network during the installation and configuration process without any consequences or restrictions.
  3. Easier integration: With DMS, integrating legacy systems becomes much less time-consuming as it requires no programming. All elements of the system are designed to work together and provide a uniform experience.
  4. Better management of schemes and promotions: At the time of invoicing, a distribution management system (DMS) software ensures that all necessary checks and balances are carried out, as well as automatically enabling customers to get the most out of their promotions.
  5. Complete transparency: DMS gives complete visibility into both the current and future availability of products. This allows manufacturers and distributors to plan well in advance, minimizes inventory levels, reduces waste considerably, and ensures that no backorders are created because of product unavailability.

Which Distributor Management Software Is Best and Why?

Zed-Sales is the Best Distributor Management Software Platform, the best software for distribution management processes/procedures that are accessible to everyone who is in the Distribution/Sales business. It is not only the distributor’s best friend but also an integral part of any company’s distribution network, works in sync with enterprise back-end systems, and helps take care of every single aspect of your distribution business. It is a complete solution for distributors to manage their sales, marketing, and logistics efficiently. Zed-Sales will be able to improve sales performance by 30% to 40%.

Zed-sales is the easiest way of managing distributors’ daily activities like Sales order processing, Stock updates, Daily sales performance summary report, planning, Distributor sales performance management and so much more. It provides a faster way of managing your logistics operations in a better way with a lot of ease. The software acts as a virtual operator who will handle all the Activities from Quoting to Invoicing, confirmation of purchase order, processing invoices for payment which makes the sales distribution process very easy. It is compatible with multiple operating systems and servers, works on both the web browser as well as desktop apps which makes it easier for everyone to have access to it.


Distributor management software provides real-time insight into business operations which allows companies to make more precise decisions. It also gives complete transparency to manufacturing and distribution activities.

Manufacturers can always look for new and better ways of improving their business and the distributor management software is one such way to do so. It helps manufacturers manage their suppliers and distributors, which in turn reduces errors, prevents stockouts, minimizes wastage, and shortens lead times. It gives you a better insight into your business operations and makes decision-making easier. So, it is no surprise that this software is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers around the world.

Zed-sales is an easy-to-use efficient distributor management software that will support your business growth in a faster manner. It has all the tools and features required for efficient distribution management. It is an excellent software for distributors to manage their sales, marketing, and logistics in the best manner. So, what are you waiting for? To know more about Zed-sales get in touch with sales@zed-axis.com.