What Do You Mean By Sales Force Automation?

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SFA or Sales Force Automation means software applications for sales management. It offers automated workflows that generate an updated sales process to accomplish sales forecasts, team performance, and business leads. Sales Force Automation is also termed as Salesforce Management.

What is sales force automation software?

Sales force automation software comes with features for sales forecasting, potentials, contacts, accounts and leads to exactly track entire business opportunities and finish more deals in quick time. SFA also assists to determine bottlenecks in the processes, effectively and in advance making use of present customer information for future upselling and cross-selling opportunities. It is an excellent tool for promoting customer continuity and visibility.

Sales force automation software has companywide incorporation among various departments like operations, customer service, marketing, and sales.

How does sales force automation software work?

Being utilized by successful sales professionals and team members, some of the important features of the Sales Force Automation system are opportunity management and contact management together with task management, email integration, and diary sharing. The contact management application allows you in tracking communication with customers, developing an exclusive history of sales, activities and other interactions. Contact management software mostly consists of task management software. It allows you in creating reminders or tasks, follow your sales leads and clients at the appropriate time.

SFA mostly consists of CRM (customer relationship management) system that routinely records entire stages in the sales process. It is recorded to track entire contact that has been created with a customer and also the reason for contact and about future followup if needed. It might include emails, meetings and phone calls. When you have all these details at your fingertips, you would not irritate your clients as part of sales efforts.

Pipeline management application offers sales lead tracing from the beginning of the enquiry to the closure date. It allows in tracking every sales chance through the pipeline, relating probability weighting and predicting.

Cloud app integration

It is well known that cloud computing has conveyed numerous benefits that are mainly benefited by small businesses. It is very affordable and it also lets you connect various disparate systems. The cloud app integration allows you to automate the data flow between various systems you utilize, increase productivity and create efficiency. Besides automating sales processes, you can also develop workflows for manual processes.

Team collaboration

Accessing the customer relationship management system through the internet browser has become simple with cloud technology. It is possible to see and retrieve information from any place and at any time along with the latest updates. Moreover, multiple users can assess and edit the customer’s details at one time, serving as a central spot for the business.

It is very useful when you are functioning or managing a remote workforce. The sales members working on the road or from home can log in and view the information at the same time when their colleagues view, edit or update from the head office. You do not have to synchronize information every time since the data will get automatically updated.

Task management

The task management in SFA helps you in various ways. When you set a reminder or task in the account of the customer, it automatically incorporates with your calendar. When you view the task, you can see the past communications and data of the customer just in front as you expected. After the task has been completed, it will be automatically included in the account record, generating a brief history of entire interactions.

Sales force automation customization

SFA can be customized according to the requirements of the organization. It can function on smartphones or laptops and comes as specialized software. For instance, for collection of gas or electricity meter readings or medical sales representatives. Zed Mobility is one of the best examples of sales force automation software.

Bridging the space between staff and customer

Effective sales force automation software will assist in eliminating certain important tasks off and let your staff focus on dealing with customers. When a lead arrives, it is possible to automate sufficient information gathering. It can be questions about budget, details of the situation or a short note about what the customer requires. The information can be obtained before human involvement. Then, the information will be transferred to the sales team, so that they can easily handle the customer. Gathering this information will be an important part of the procedure where your leads will go across before the callback appointment. It means your staff will be properly prepared.

Automation also assists the leads to be accurately categorized and strained to the appropriate places. In specific sectors or call centers like claims or financial industries, you have chances to obtain a large number of quality leads. It is often too time-consuming to organize these or impossible to do manually. Automation lets you keep workflows in place as per the data you require and also filer leads accordingly.

Assisting your business remain more efficient

Utilizing the appropriate tools to assist your staff function effectively as possible will assist your business towards greater success. It helps in freeing up valuable time, offers staff with relevant and accurate information and offers a smooth and steady sales progression to customers. Offering this kind of guidance and support to your team showcases how beneficial sales force automation can be. It is where Zed Mobility can assist. Zed Axis offers a set of tools which aids businesses to:

  • Effectively incorporate with other software programs like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Process your leads effectively to assist in following and successfully close sales
  • Use powerful workflows to systematize your sales processes


How is sales force automation software useful?

Permits sales team to concentrate on important tasks: When sales team members are relieved from administrative duties, they can easily spend sufficient time on activities that will help in bringing sales. For instance, working on strategies, setting up meetings or calling prospects will be taken care of by SFA software.

Permits managers to get a brief idea about the sales process effectiveness: The analysis and reporting tool present in SFA software permit those who are responsible for the sales team to analyze what is functioning and make changes to things that are not working. It can lead to an effective sales strategy.

Streamline sales process: SFA software helps in making the sales procedure efficient thereby resulting in sales. In some cases, the team members may miss sending follow up emails or calls. When you have the right SFA system, there will not be this problem.

Cross-selling and up-selling: SFA assists in storing customer’s previous order history, where it can be utilized appropriately to enhance the prospects. The sales managers could examine the sales details to understand customer’s preferences, order patterns, and customer demographics and much more. This will assist them in dealing better with the existing leads. Moreover, by marketing the sales professionals can utilize the metrics for developing exact campaigns particularly for creating the prospects.

Intelligence: The salespeople gather a lot of information that assists them to remain more efficient especially while in the sales call. They have to use it wisely. If they do not have the right tools to process information, they could not make any use of it. SFA comes with an integrated analytics tool that helps to retrieve the data and enhance the actionable understandings from the subsequent data. It also lets them remain better for predicting purpose. It is an action that is part art and part science and has chances to easily go wrong.

Why sales force automation software is important?

Different SFA tools carry out different tasks. Certain tools even permit users to set their outputs and inputs to customize tasks. Sales force automation software is important mainly because of its components. Some of the important components of SFA software are as follows:

  • Concentrate on the exact leads
  • Create up-to-date reports
  • Automatically assign leads
  • Automatically schedule appointments
  • Take care of the sales pipeline
  • Systematize the sales process
  • Alerts and activity tracking

Why select Zed-Mobility?

Zed Mobility is an effective and powerful sales force automation software developed to offer businesses with everything required to grow and run their businesses. Some of the advantages of Zed Mobility that will help sales teams are as follows:

  • Sales reporting: View active, visual snapshots of concurrent metrics including sales performance and productivity, top-performing products, sales pipeline health, win, and loss analysis, etc. with graphical interactive dashboards.
  • Active sales pipeline management: View a comprehensive visual representation of the sales pipeline to adjust your strategy, to view project revenue and quickly concentrate on the efforts.
  • Opportunity tracking: Follow the probability of products, close, status, lead source, etc. for every occasion for total control and visibility of the sales pipeline.
  • Sales process automation: Accomplish opportunities utilizing out of the box and powerful processes or as per your customizations. Accomplish activities in every phase of the sales procedure to keep the deals in movement.
  • Activity alerts and tracking: Track and arrange activities and meetings connected with the contacts. With the help of alerts, you can keep track of your customer commitments.  


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