How After Sales Services Management Software Helps Small Businesses?

With after-sales service management software, you can automate after-sales services such as invoices, quotations, customer’s continuous services, stock consumption, AMC management, complaint handling, stock management, warranty management, and much more in the small business. Be it you are a start-up or a small business, it is hard to survive in the industry without implementing the latest service management software.

Service CRM or service management software is the application that aids in optimizing the field services for field operators and service engineers. Zed Service Management Software is a cloud-based application where the field administrators and technicians can view customer information anywhere and anytime.

Inquiry Follows Up and Complaint Management:

Best customer service is very important for the business to grow successfully. When you deliver valuable services before and even after sales to customers, the customers get converted as followers to your business. Most small business owners do not implement service management software thinking that it reduces productivity and is expensive.

Zed Axis warranty management software helps in organizing the complaints of both in-warranty and out-of-contract customers. With the aid of an application or dedicated mobile app, you can assign complaints directly to the field engineers. Thus, the engineers can develop job sheets and estimate and share with customers directly.

Determine Used Spare Parts with Stock Reports and Inventory Management:

The best feature of after-sales service management software – the tool displays instant information about the available spare parts and the parts that are utilized with work histories. Thus, all these data aids in enhancing the inventory management system. Also, the users can learn about the issued stock and consumed stock to the field engineers. It showcases the productivity of the service team, their service information with just a single click. In simple words, Zed Axis service management tool is best for reducing expenses, overhead, cost, and time and aids in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Centralized Customer Data with Service Management Software:

Most small companies are utilizing traditional methods or excel files to store customer’s information. If the size of your company is increasing, you have to switch to advanced and complex applications to access customer data. Our repair management software can gather complete real-time updates and complete information on a cloud-based database. It permits the field engineers and managers to increase the number of satisfied customers as well as the business in a better way. The CRM helps in tracking the number of repair jobs completed by the engineer, warranty information, AMC, service time and date, and renewals – all these information aids in improving the profit of the small businesses.

Prevent Warranty Fraud Through After Warranty Management Software:

It is well-known warranties are created to safeguard customers from expensive services because of uncontrollable circumstances or manufacturer errors. At times, the customers may try to misuse these warranties. If you are facing such problems in your business frequently, you should utilize service or warranty management software. It helps in determining defect fault trends.

Advanced Field Service with Repair Management Software:

When you are providing services that are included in the warranty, you need to provide field service when there is a repair. The service management application helps you to schedule work orders and review service contracts.

After Sales Service Management Software Enhances Supplier and Vendor Relationships:

Service management software simplifies the claims management procedures for everyone involved. The application consists of supplier recovery tools that aid you to interact with suppliers and vendors when you require Original Equipment Manufacturer parts for services.

Moreover, as the application functions on a cloud-based server, it eliminates paperwork procedures and restructures the field service procedure. In simple terms, the service management software helps in tracking the following:

  1. Maintaining records of order type and client history
  2. Allotment of order or job as per the engineer’s skill and location
  3. Equipment tracking
  4. Parts and inventory management
  5. Checking on route and fuel optimization for the field engineers
  6. Eliminating the requirement of paperwork by digital invoicing
  7. Standardization of workflow


Zed Axis is one of the top companies that focus on developing and delivering advanced software like After Sales Service Management Software. We can customize the apps as per your industry-specific requirements and it is what makes our company different from our competitors. If you are looking to replace your existing CRM or need a new service management system for your business, get in touch with Zed Axis.