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Lead Management System


Lead management system software is a web based system or application that is developed for managing and distributing the client’s company’s leads. Our sales lead management software allows clients to save a great amount of money as well as time, as it automates a number of jobs that otherwise have to be done manually.

Our System has increasingly become an important aspect of managing and improvising on leads from different resources. Every organization launches different promotional campaign through assorted mediums of communications. These campaigns are targeted at inviting maximum number of leads through these mediums.

Once the campaign is launched, the leads are warehoused into our Software System. Our tracking software enables different users at different levels to enter or access leads data acquired from various marketing channels. As an admin or owner of the application, clients have the authority to allocate and assigned leads. As leads are assigned to the users, company’s top level management can always get an update of the lead status by logging in to their account. Our Lead Management Software can improve the performance of our client’s sales team and help them close deals more efficiently. We have secure and centralized systems to develop sales lead management software solution that enables business intelligence on the basis of detailed reports. We have a well versed team, technically positioned to work on state-of-the-art technologies like ASP Dot Net, C Sharp, and SQL Database.

Lead Management System by Zed-Axis can help clients to build centralized platform for capturing and organizing the data lying staggered at various geographical locations. Zed-Axis provides a combination of unique features with unparalleled ease-of-use, streamlined workflow, and excellent customer service to give our clients business a competitive advantage.

Our system gives clients a measure of the effectiveness of their campaign and enables them to preview the activities happening on Lead Management front.


  • Jaychandra

    Zed Service application is helping us in managing over all service operations efficiently.

    There is good support from Zed axis team all the times.

    Jayachandra Naidu A
    Head-Service Operations (HUPS)
    Amara Raja Batteries Limited, Hyderabad.

  • Pradeep Chugh

    Zed Axis’s Solution is helping a lot in our service network, earlier when we didn’t have your system, we were struggling in real-time data management, service claims collections, approvals, invoicing, making reports, etc.

    Now just with a click of the mouse, we can generate the real-time reports. Response from Zed-Axis team.

    Pradeep Chugh
    Fly Phones Russia

  • Abrahmesses

    “We’ve been users of Zed-Axis software solution for quite a while and it is really a needful system, it helps our business to track work orders for our technical support lab.

    Service is really good in regards developing new things; tech support fixes issues in a really short time.”

    Abraham Esses
    Mobo – Mexicon

  • Gauranshchawla

    Happy to get associated with Zed-Axis. DMS (Distributor management system) is an end-to-end software solution designed specifically for the emerging and developing markets. It supports all our sales channels, all delivery models; it’s a user-friendly application that covers the complete down-stream supply chain, streamlines inventory, sales processes and distributor claims. Accurate and reliable data can be fetched out through DMS. We get a satisfactory support from Zed-Axis and all our issues or concerns are well handled by them.

    Gauransh Chawla
    Lemon Electronics Ltd.


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