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Zed-Service™ is end-to-end customer service management software that streamlines complete after-sales service management which includes inventory, warranty & repair processes of a company. Rapid globalization and emergence of new trends in the market have brought a great surge in the manufacturing industry. The major goal is to build the top line via sales and manufacturing, the after-sales service and customer service has become the need for every company, so as to provide the best high quality facilities to their customers.

Why Zed-Service™ as Your Service Management Software?

Zed-Service™, our after-sales service management software is a comprehensive service management software that streamlines inventory, warranty, service and repair management for Carry-In (walk-in service), On-Site (field service management), Return-To-Bench (RTB) after-sales processes.

  • Carry-in Repair system

    is designed with keeping the challenges of a carry-in repair centre in mind. With an end-to-end module integration, Zed-Service™ enables a complete lifecycle approach to service management. The robust features enable clients to streamline paperwork & maintain excel, control overhead expenses and reduce TAT significantly! Our automated software improves the profitability of client’s company’s service centre through synchronizing warranty, inventory and claim management, tracking repair status, identifying dead-on-arrival (DOA) cases, along with other major benefits that help service centres to gain a superior edge. Thousands of Carry-In service centres use Zed-Service™ to ensure efficiency, profitability and tremendous customer service. This includes some of the Mobile Telecommunication, Wellness Product and Electronic Appliance companies and more.


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  • Repair Centres

    face a tough time managing field technicians /engineers and work-orders for on-site repair. The absence of an automated software solution results in more time being spent on the roads against fulfilling service orders. Zed-Service™ Service Management System for On-Site Repair supports extensive features to ensure an optimum utilization of resources and reduced service delivery costs. Our end-to-end software modules like Work-order Creation, Warranty Management System Software, Part and Inventory Management, Return-To-Bench and Warranty Claim Management Software automate On-Site Repair Process and maintain accuracy of product movement and help to keep the customers informed about the repair in progress.

    Our software streamlines on-site and return-to-bench (RTB) repair processes with well defined business logics of the company. While our software allows complete tracking and visibility about the repair actions taken and the progress about the product service, it also provides a one-stop window to the top management of companies to track and control SLA and other related factors.



  • Happy to get associated with Zed-Axis. DMS (Distributor management system) is an end-to-end software solution designed specifically for the emerging and developing markets. It supports all our sales channels, all delivery models; it’s a user-friendly application that covers the complete down-stream supply chain, streamlines inventory, sales processes and distributor claims. Accurate and reliable data can be fetched out through DMS. We get a satisfactory support from Zed-Axis and all our issues or concerns are well handled by them.

    Gauransh Chawla Lemon Electronics Ltd.
  • "We’ve been users of Zed-Axis software solution for quite a while and it is really a needful system, it helps our business to track work orders for our technical support lab.

    Service is really good in regards developing new things; tech support fixes issues in a really short time.”

    Abraham Esses Mobo – Mexicon
  • Zed Axis’s Solution is helping a lot in our service network, earlier when we didn’t have your system, we were struggling in real-time data management, service claims collections, approvals, invoicing, making reports, etc.

    Now just with a click of the mouse, we can generate the real-time reports. Response from Zed-Axis team.

    Pradeep Chugh Fly Phones Russia

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